About Neeley 

The Neeley School of Business at TCU puts bright minds to work in a variety of learning environments. Brilliant faculty members electrify classrooms. Nationally and internationally renowned executives make powerful connections. And real-world work experiences ensure that tomorrow’s technology and business processes become business as usual. Everything we do is geared toward forging the next generation of leaders — one unique person at a time.


You are more than just a name and a grade at Neeley.
  •   We limit our student body so that each person has the 
      best experience to learn, grow and reach your 
      distinctive potential.
  •   You aren’t the only one asking questions. We want to 
      know about you so we can guide you to the career you
      want and deserve.   
  •   We make sure you keep a strong ethical balance
      in life and in business.
  •   Neeley professors are some of the best in the land, 
      and some of the best people you will ever know.
  •   Work side-by-side with your professors as they
      research, improve and transform business. 
  •   Discuss your ideas one-on-one with top CEOs
      who are invested in your success.  
  •   Access your personal strengths and put your best 
      foot forward on your career path through interviews,
      internships, mentors and one-on-one coaching.
  • Neeley Advantages: Neeley Fellows, BNSF
      Next Generation Leadership, Executive MBA
      Coaching, Undergraduate and Graduate Career
      Services, Neeley Professional Development Center, 
      Neeley Entrepreneurship Center, Community Service


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It’s impossible to be at Neeley and not make important connections.
  •   You’ll meet highly respected executives who serve
      on our boards and visit campus, providing knowledge
      you can’t get anywhere else. 
  •   Expand your business horizons with trips to China, Chile,
      Europe and more.  
  •   We bring top companies to you, and we take
      you to top companies. 
  •   You’ll collaborate with fellow students to lead yourself
      and others to higher levels of performance. 
  •   Neeley alumni include Bob McCann (Vice Chairman/
      President, Global Private Client Group, Merrill Lynch),
      Gordon England (Deputy Secretary of Defense, USA),
      Maribess Miller (Managing Partner,
      PricewaterhouseCoopers) and Frank Blase
      (CEO, igusGmbH, Germany), all impressive and invested
       in your future.
  •   Take advantage of the thriving Dallas/Fort Worth
      Metroplex, an exciting, energizing environment
      with unlimited potential.
  • Neeley Advantages: Tandy Executive Speakers Series,
      Neeley Speaker Series, Mentorships, Internships,
      Study Abroad, Walk on Wall Street, Supply & Value
      Chain Center, LKCM Center for Financial Studies,
      Alumni Resources, Student Business Organizations.


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Real Lots of people can read books and pass tests.
The real test is how you perform in a business organization.
  •   We make sure you get the experiences corporate
      leaders tell us they look for when filling top positions. 
  •   You’ll work on real projects for real clients to solve real
  •   Going to class while working? Take what you learn
      in class today and impress them in workplace tomorrow.
  •   Manage a real, multi-million dollar portfolio
      for a real résumé booster. 
  •   Compete against other business students for real
      experience in marketing, management, finance,
      supply chain, real estate and entrepreneurship.
  •   Translate your knowledge into action by communicating,
      collaborating and leading diverse groups.
  •   Our faculty perform research and consultation that
      actually impacts and alters the course of business.
  •   Neeley Advantages: Neeley & Associates Consulting,
      Educational Investment Fund, Sony Marketing
      Case Competition, Undergraduate and Graduate 
      Career Services, Master of Accounting, Faculty
      Research and Books.
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