Bachelor of Business Administration | Admissions

Each year there are more qualified applicants to the Neeley School of Business than can be instructed and accommodated by existing faculty and facilities. In order to provide a personal and quality educational experience, the school must limit undergraduate admission. Admission is competitive. As a result, a student may be admitted to TCU, but not to the Neeley School.

There are three methods of admission into the Neeley School of Business:

  1. First Year
    TCU Office of Admissions makes the decisions on all first year incoming applicants. To be considered for admission students must indicate business as the primary area of interest on the admission application. Students who are granted regular admission to the University as pre-business must complete additional requirements to be considered for advancement to one of the seven business majors and upper-division courses.

  2. External Transfers
    TCU Office of Admissions makes the decisions on all transfer applicants. Students seeking to transfer to TCU from another institution should indicate business as their primary area of interest on the admission application. To be considered for admission as pre-business transfer students from a four-year university should have at least a 3.00 transfer GPA. Community college transfer applicants should have a minimum 3.25 transfer GPA to be considered as pre-business. Transfer students admitted as pre-business must meet additional requirements to advance to upper-division courses. Also visit our Transfer Student Guide .

  3. Internal Transfers
    An internal transfer student is one who is enrolled in another degree program at TCU. Students who wish to change their major to business must submit an application to the Neeley Academic Advising Center by April 15 to be considered for admission as pre-business the following fall. Admission decisions are made by the Neeley School at the end of each academic year. Admission is very competitive and space is limited. A student with a grade point average of less than 3.25 is unlikely to be admitted. Internal transfer students who are accepted as pre-business must meet all of the additional Neeley School admission requirements to be considered for advancement to upper-division business courses.

Additional Neeley School Requirements

Students entering TCU as pre-business majors must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours in the first year at TCU and maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average in order to continue as pre-business students beyond the first year. In addition, pre-business students must complete four of the following courses in the first year: ECON 10223; ECON 10233; MATH 10283; ENGL 10283, and one TCU Core requirement; or others ONLY as recommended by advisor. To declare a business major, all students must formally apply to the Neeley School. Students will typically apply in their fourth semester for admission to upper level courses in their fifth semester. Admission is competitive and not guaranteed. Upon acceptance, students will select from one of the functional area majors.

To be competitive in the admissions process, you should:

  • Have a 3.0 minimum TCU cumulative GPA 
  • Have a 2.5 minimum Lower Division Requirement GPA 
  • Submit an online application
  • Submit a cover letter and resume by the deadline
  • Complete an interview
  • Complete the Microsoft Certification test in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
    We strongly urge you to begin working on your tests immediately.
  • Complete the Core Phase of Neeley Premium Credentials

For applications, deadlines, and more information, click here.