MBA FYI | Honor Code

Graduate Business Honor Code

Graduate students in the Neeley School of Business have established this code for the primary purpose of instilling pride, integrity, and honor in the Master of Business Administration and Professional Program in Accounting/Master of Accounting programs. It has also been established to provide the student body: a.) an avenue in which to turn when the unfortunate incident of academic dishonesty occurs; b.) an active role in strengthening the integrity and reputation of the TCU MBA and MAc degrees; c.) and protection and due process. The Honor Code Committee will investigate allegations regarding academic integrity and dishonesty, repair damaged reputations, and build awareness of the Code's importance.

Download a copy of the Honor Code here.

2019 -2020 Honor Code Committee

Co-Chair: Richard Neville (Health Care MBA)
Co-Chair: Grant Sigler (Energy MBA)
Vice Chair: Brittany Milam (PMBA)
Secretary: Jennifer Pearson (PMBA)
Nick Elizondo (FT MBA)
Rich Fetters (PMBA)
Mary Grace Morton (MS Supply Chain)
Rachel Shannon (FT MBA)
Danny Spaeth (MAc)