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Energy MBA | Advisory Board

The Energy MBA Advisory Board governs TCU’s Energy MBA program with decades of top-level experience in the energy industry.

Their mentorship and input, which directly impacts the curriculum, ensures that TCU’s Energy MBAs have the skills and knowledge needed to be leaders in the field.


ab Bates Tom ab Steve Palko ab Dobson Monte ab Farquarson Alan
Tom Bates *
Chairman of the Board
Vantage Drilling
Independence Contract Drilling
Steve Palko *
XTO Energy
Monte Dobson
Sr. Vice President Development
Alan Farquharson
Sr. Vice President
Range Resources  
ab Greer Jim ab Stufflebeme Sharon ab Wagner Bryan   
Jim Greer
Sr. Vice President, COO
Sharon Stufflebeme
Vice President
Pariveda Solutions
Bryan Wagner
Owner & President
Wagner Oil Company


* TCU faculty