Study Abroad Programs | Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the study abroad programs located?
The Neeley School offers numerous study abroad programs. Undergraduate programs are currently offered in Europe, China, Chile (Neeley Fellows) & London (Next Gen Leadership). Graduate programs are currently offered during the winter intersession in Chile, the Dominican Republic and India. China & Italy are offered in the May intersession, and South Africa is available in August.

Is studying abroad expensive?
Costs vary depending upon a program's location and special requirements. Costs are also subject to change with the fluctuating dollar values and inflation rates of the various international economies. For more information about specific costs per program please refer to specific program web links .

Financial aid may or may not apply to study abroad; students are advised to set up a consultation with the financial aid office to determine if they are eligible for aid.

Do students earn credit for studying abroad?
Yes. Students earn 3 hours credit for each study abroad course.

How long are the programs?
The study abroad programs range in length from one to thee weeks. Students may choose to extend their stay beyond the class term for additional travel opportunities. For more information about specific program lengths, please refer to the program web link.

Where will I stay during my study abroad program?
Housing options may vary from program to program, but generally students will stay in hotels.

Do I need to be able to speak another language?
Speaking a foreign language is not required to study abroad; however, it is strongly recommended that you learn some of the basic phrases spoken before you go.

Is studying abroad safe?
Safety issues vary from country to country. In general, studying abroad is as safe as studying in the U.S. You will need to learn more about your host country before you go to be able to accurately assess health, safety, and risk conditions. You will also attend a pre-departure orientation during which time we will discuss current safety issues abroad.