Study Abroad Programs | Undergraduate

Explore these Study Abroad programs to see which one is right for you. 

TCU Neeley Study Abroad Trips 
Business in Cuba - January - Business Minors Only

Business in Peru - Spring Break

Marketing in Peru - Spring Break

Global Business Perspectives - Costa Rica - Spring Break

Global Business Perspectives - Greece and Germany - May

Business in China - May

Business in Peru - May - Business Minors Only

Business in Spain - June

Business in London - Summer


All students must have a minimum 2.8 GPA to participate in any Study Abroad trip.

TCU Semester Study Abroad

Visit the Center for International Studies: Students Abroad for more information.l Advisor

Approved Business Classes

International Emphasis for Any Major

Complements any TCU business major. Visit TCU Neeley Business Majors and Minors for more information. 

International Internships

Gain hands-on international experience living and working in another country over the summer
Dublin, Ireland- Summer

UG China Peru

undergrads London