Dr. Steven Radelet - Green Honors Chair Presentation

Start Date: Mar 29, 2017
When: 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Where: BLUU Ballroom

We are hosting Dr. Steven Radelet as a Green Honors Chair for a presentation in the BLUU Ballroom. 

Steven is the Donald F.  McHenry Chair in Global Human Development and Director of the Global Human Development Program at Georgetown University.  He is an economic adviser to the President of Liberia and a Fellow at the Brookings Institution.  He joined Georgetown in 2012 after serving as Chief Economist of USAID and Senior Adviser for Development for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  He also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury (1999-2002).  He is the author of several books, including The Great Surge:  The Ascent of the Developing World, Emerging Africa:  How 17 Countries are Leading the Way, and the Economics of Development, along with many journal articles.

His bachelor’s degree is in Mathematics from Central Michigan, with a MPP and PhD from Harvard.  His research expertise is focused on economic growth, poverty reduction, foreign aid, debt with special interest in sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia.