Neeley Professional Development Center | Services 

Experts in communication work closely with each Neeley student to create awareness about personal and professional communication in order to develop his/her distinctive potential. Students learn that knowledge only gets them so far. True leaders must be able to translate their knowledge into action, and that means communicating and collaborating to lead diverse groups.

The Professional Development Center provides:
  • Presentation Coaching: Organization - It can be a challenge to take large amounts of information and condense it into a meaningful presentation.  They way information is organized impacts your audiences reaction.  Our coaches are trained in the key organizational models for business presentations which lead to positive outcomes. We will work with groups on organizing information before they come in to practice delivery if requested.
  • Presentation Coaching: Delivery - Developing skills to present information in a manner that keeps audiences listening is critical in order to communicate ideas. The basic skills include eye contact, vocal fluctuation, positive gesturing and an appropriate level of energy.  Our coaches work with groups and individuals to improve upon these essential skills of delivery.
  • Presentation Coaching: Visuals - We have all seen our share of bullets on a screen.  With the power of today’s visual software, there is no reason to bore audiences with such designs.  PowerPoint produces great designs, however if you want to be different, try Prezi, Screencast-O-Matic, or Flair. Whatever tool you use, make it appealing.  Our coaches will provide specific guidance on visual design.
  • Team Coaching: Rules of Engagement - Many of the classes in Neeley have team based assignments.  Our coaches work with teams at the beginning of a project to establish the foundation for success. After our coaching sessions, teams leave with an agreed upon set of principles for how to interact with one another and how to complete the project for the best possible outcome. 
  • Career Preparation: Developing the Right Tools -Our coaches are experts in résumé development and interview preparation.  A good résumé can open a door and a great interview can seal the deal. Our coaches make sure students are performing at their best when opportunities arise.

The Professional Development Center also provides support to key Premiere Programs including the Neeley Fellows and the BNSF Next Generation Leadership Program.