Center for Supply Chain Innovation | Getting Involved

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Ways to get involved:

Business Students Alumni
  • Recruiting of students
  • Networking with peers
  • Education for professionals
  • Student projects
  • Collaboration with faculty on research
  • TCU's Supply & Value Chain Management program ranked 19th in the nation by Gartner
  • There is a huge talent shortage in Supply & Value Chain Management -- there are not enough candidates to fill job openings
  • Average starting salary:
    Undergraduate - $55,000
    Graduate - $70,000
  • Networking with businesses and alumni
  • Active learning experience
  • Participation in business forums
  • Business research project opportunities
  • Study abroad programs
  • Stay involved
  • Mentoring of students
  • Speak in classes
  • Attend Center for Supply Chain Innovation forums at a discount
  • Recruiting of students
  • Continuing education