Supply and Value Chain Awards

Supply and Value Chain Professor's Award
Recognizes a student who demonstrates academic 
achievement, leadership and involvement
Luke Thielke

Supply Chain Excellence in Academic Scholarship
Awarded to a student who demonstrates academic excellence
Claire Nguyen

Center for Supply Chain Innovation Outstanding Student Award
Recognizes a student who exemplifies leadership and professionalism and has contributed
 to the growth and advancement of TCU's Supply and Value Chain program
Anna McGraw

Fort Worth Institute for Supply Chain Management Scholarship Recipients
Faith Hevey
Neal Mathew
Abigail Sanchez
Hannah Sobczak
Leah Williams

Supply and Value Chain Student Executive Program
Recognizes students who, based on their academic and leadership skills, were selected 
to participate in a two-semester supply chain experiential learning opportunity.
Delaney Bare
Laurel Buck
Xuan Quach
Tyler Resnick
Cecilia Ryan