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Director: Joe Lipscomb

Finance and Real Estate Professor Joe Lipscomb holds a Ph.D. and MBA in Finance. He teaches Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Valuation, Real Estate Investments, Financial Management and Investments. He has served as president of the American Real Estate Society, taught a course on European Monetary Union in Italy, and worked in Mexico investigating how to establish a secondary mortgage market. He was named Neeley Alumni Professor of the Year in 2011.

Luther King Capital Management

The center is named in honor of Luther King Capital Management, founded by J. Luther King Jr. BS ’62 MBA ’66. With offices in Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas, the SEC-registered firm provides investment advisory services to high net worth individuals, foundations, endowments, investment companies, pension and profit-sharing plans, trusts and estates, and other organizations.

LKCM’s internship program with the Neeley School has provided hundreds of top TCU finance students with invaluable exposure to the investment management business. Many advance to Wall Street careers.

LKCM provides adjunct faculty to lead TCU investment classes and strongly supports TCU finance faculty research.

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