Neeley Entrepreneurship Center | Values and Ventures® Business Plan Competition

2016 Team Plan Synopses

Brigham Young University Utah

Headrian Labs/Curo is a mobile wallet platform that allows users in developing countries to send, receive and store money at a fraction of the current cost and independent of the traditional banking system.

Emory University   Georgia

Sale Split coordinates cooperative buying so individuals can take advantage of bulk discounts. Sale Split groups orders from the same website so the bulk purchase can qualify for discounts or free shipping, increasing the purchasing power for individual consumers while moving inventory for retailers.

Florida State University Florida

DivvyUp is a one-for-one sock company with a mission to sell fashionable socks while providing clean socks to the U.S. homeless population. For every pair of DivvyUp socks sold, one pair is given to someone in need.

Franklin and Marshall College Pennsylvania
ED Band is a proprietary, open-ringed band that corrects erectile dysfunction, an alternative treatment for men with ED who cannot take prescription medications due to health conditions such as diabetes.
George Washington University Washington DC
Rooftop Tea Company seeks to “greenify” the world’s cities by empowering women in underserved communities to transform their rooftops into economically lucrative tea gardens.
Georgetown University  Washington DC
Beyond a Meal is an app that allows users to purchase meals or weather-survival kits to be delivered to homeless people. Users earns points that can be redeemed at partner restaurants.
Grand Valley State University Michigan
UCOL is an external medical device that safely and quickly drains away urine from a patient or woman with urinary incontinence while preventing urine from contacting the skin to prevent skin breakdown.  
Harvard College Massachusetts
NativX is a free social travel platform that condenses hours of planning down to a matter of minutes to create a customizable, personalized itinerary based on the specific personality and needs of the traveler. 
Hope College Michigan
Fathom is an easy­ to ­use, smartphone-integrated, reasonably priced underwater drone for boaters, divers and outdoor enthusiasts.
Iowa State University Iowa
KinoSol is a solar food dehydrator with storage components that helps subsistence farmers in developing countries reduce post-harvest loss and increase year-round nutrition for families.
Johns Hopkins University Maryland
Separatec is a patent-pending ultrasonic tip that separates scar tissue in the epidural space of the spinal cord during surgery to reduce risk of cerebrospinal fluid leaks and expedite patient recovery.
Kharkiv University   Ukraine
Vibio is a video streaming application that allows users to interactively watch videos that were captured from different angles.
Lehigh University Pennsylvania
Kelpy is a healthy snack chip made from kelp farmed in America. Since Kelp is a natural, sustainable ocean cleanser, the kelp farms used to produce the chips will improve water conditions at the mouths of major U.S. rivers.
Loyola Marymount University California
InterWallet is a cloud-based platform that provides the underserved population with a payment solution without hidden banking fees. Consumers insert cash into InterWallet terminals and access it from their mobile phone. 
Norwich University Vermont
Rift Valley Gems specializes in collecting, importing, cutting and certifying high quality precious and semi-precious gems, diamonds and gold, sold at affordable prices by cutting out the middle man.
Ohio University Ohio
Vaylenx is developing an environmentally friendly, affordable, easy-to-use larvicide to decrease mosquito populations and the spread of mosquito-related diseases in the world’s most vulnerable countries.
Prairie View A&M University Texas
Copprevent produces safety apparel for health care first responders addressing an unknown illness, to protect and prevent transmission. The antibacterial fabric is made by combining copper with cotton and nylon.
Rice University Texas
Ziel manufactures a wearable sleeve embedded with sensors that provides baseball pitchers with real-time feedback on harmful pitching practices, muscle fatigue and stress, to mitigate risk of injury.
Richland College  Texas
Stronix Solutions provides highly capable yet easy-to-operate smart relays and other industrial control equipment, combined with consulting and hands-on customer support.
Saint Leo University Florida
Collegiate Café capitalizes on the loyalty of alumni, faculty, parents and students by providing custom branded K-cups to student organizations. A portion of profits benefits the local community.
Samford University Alabama
Magic City Food Hub partners with REV Birmingham, an economic development organization, to provide a kitchen incubator in the economically challenged Woodlawn neighborhood, staffed by ex-inmates.
San Diego State University California
Genius creates wearable sensors that allow people with severe physical disabilities to use computers with just their thoughts, to assist with employment and education. Initial target market is disabled veterans.
Southern Methodist University Texas
Fiddler Energy LLC designs and manufactures a green home energy system that consists of a rooftop wind turbine mounted at the crest of the roof, using the angle of the roof to speed up oncoming wind.
St. Mary’s University  Texas
ActiveWarrior is a health and fitness application featuring different workouts, exercises and health information for people with physical limitations. Initial market is disabled veterans.
Tarleton State University Texas
Im-proving Fitness provides an app that interfaces with individual fitness equipment to record and consolidate information such as heart rate, pulse rate and miles walked, for an overall fitness dashboard.
Texas Christian University Texas
Wholehearted produces an innovative playground equipment, the Sky Climber, that utilizes the tactile attributes of lycra to encourage productive play for the millions of high-functioning children in the U.S. with developmental disabilities.
United States Air Force Academy Colorado
Activity is a database and app that matches adventurers with local trails, waterways and slopes, with an option to rent/buy appropriate gear, to create awareness of the environment and opportunities for volunteering.
University of Arkansas Arkansas
Out of the Box repurposes gently used furniture to provide affordable furniture rentals for college students, to decrease land waste and improve living costs for college students.
University of Brawijaya Indonesia
Garbage Clinical Insurance collects waste from impoverished households in Indonesia at a low cost. Fees are used to cover health care clinics in the participating neighborhoods.
University of California-Irvine California
Guardian Locket helps protect women from attack by interfacing with a smartphone to either call the phone or send GPI coordinates to authorities and emergency contacts when the locket is activated by the wearer.
University of Chicago Illinois
Finalyze revolutionizes the way retail investors source and screen investment ideas by condensing hundreds of pages of information to a few sentences, highlighting significant figures and insights, and providing an idea-generation portal.
University of Florida Florida
Atheris Games creates innovative board and card games that foster social interaction. For every game sold, a game is given to a hospitalized adolescent.
University of Houston Texas
Resthetics uses patented technology to recycle fluorinated anesthetics (used to sedate patients), providing a cost-effective solution to billions of dollars’ worth of wasted anesthetics released into the atmosphere annually.
University of Iowa  Iowa
National College Gaming Association hosts eSports tournaments at college campuses for amateur gamers to compete and be ranked for professional eSports. A portion of ticket sales is used for scholarships to the top teams at the final annual event.
University of Kansas Kansas
Carbon Financial is a next-generation automated investment service designed to protect against loss and maximize gains through unique risk profiles. New investors with limited knowledge and capital can enroll and cut costs by sharing fees.
University of Maryland  Maryland
CellShare is a web-based platform for cellular and broadband subscribers to sell unused/unwanted data to people who need it, such as income disadvantaged and international travelers, without identity or credit checks.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Nebraska
Cellren is a mobile-based platform to safely alert drivers and bystanders to oncoming emergency vehicles, to protect community members and first responders alike.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill North Carolina is a ride-share platform for commuting college students without transportation to pay to ride with trustworthy classmates. Flitcar partners with the Community Empowerment Fund to offer opportunities to those seeking employment, housing and financial freedom.
University of North Texas Texas
CHDR Financial is an app to help Millennials with personal financial management using gamification to reward users for positive actions throughout the day, such as making timely payments and reducing frivolous spending, to help alleviate debt.
University of Notre Dame Indiana
Safetap is an app that lets college students send their location and message to emergency contacts and/or emergency services, connect with local mental health professionals, access a hotline directory and link to university services, incident reporting, mental health screenings and articles.
University of Strathclyde Scotland
Befriend is an app designed to combat loneliness and social isolation amongst people aged 65 and over. Offering an easy-to-use interface, Befriend allow older adults to create, organize and search for events and meet-ups.
University of Texas at Dallas Texas
Blanco Farms Exotic Mushrooms are produced in shipping containers to reduce environmental impact while providing a popular, locally produced product to the Dallas chefs’ market.
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Wisconsin
Blinders is an app that arranges dates for couples, using profiles and algorithms to match couples to venues and activities. The activity is not revealed until the couple arrives at the venue guided by geolocation.
Villanova University Pennsylvania
ShareHub simplifies philanthropic giving by connecting donating firms with 501(c)(3) organizations through an online SaaS platform.
Walsh University Ohio
Start With A Change Inc. is a nationwide virtual small business education and development organization for high school student athletes not planning to attend college immediately, who have an interest in small business ownership.
Wartburg College Iowa
The Best Trucking Burrito is a food truck serving breakfast burritos made with the best local ingredients, available for preorder online. Five percent of annual profits go to the Cedar Falls Food Co-op.
Washington University in St. Louis Missouri
Qwerk is an app that allows college students to request and pay for help from other college students for projects/jobs/errands via a live updating feed. The app also has a marketplace for students to buy and sell new and used goods.
Xavier University Ohio
Better World Beans, a direct trade coffee company, connects socially conscious consumers with family farmers in the Dominican Republic who are paid a fair price, to improve farming methods, grow quality coffee, protect land and improve lives.