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With our annual Global Supply Chain Conference, we are able to address current critical supply chain issues, as well as issues that are most prevalent in the DFW business community. The conference is a forum for our students, faculty, and business partners to hear from leaders in the field and exchange ideas to help them improve business performance.

Each year we are fortunate to have experts from the supply chain areas share their ideas, experiences, and views of the future with our Conference attendees.

We are starting to plan our 2013 Conference.  Please check back in the Fall for detailed information!


2012 Global Supply Chain Conference Highlights!

We hosted our 11th Annual Global Supply Chain Conference at the Texas Motor Speedway on March 1, 2012. The focus was on "Flexing the Supply Chain in Volatile Times."  The Conference was a great opportunity for attendees to learn how to keep their supply chain flexible in the ever changing landscape of business today, and position their company for future success.

Speakers and panelists included (click on the speaker's name to see their presentation):
  • Mr. Mike Berry, President, Hillwood Properties
  • Mr. Jan De Meulder, Director, Trade Compliance, Supply Chain & Logistics, Texas Instruments
  • Ms. Brette Hardison, Consultant, enVista
  • Mr. Jade Rodysill, Sr. Executive, Operations Management Consulting, Accenture
  • Mr. Oliver Scutt, Chief Strategy Officer, Jonova, Inc. 
  • Mr. John Springer, Chief Operating Officer, Nike Golf, Inc.
  • Dr. Morgan Swink, Professor and Executive Director, Supply and Value Chain Center, TCU


For information about our past conferences, please click on the conference brochure.
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Global Reality
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Managing Supply Chain Complexity - Keys for Success in Challenging times  
World Class Supply Chains: Global. Synchronized. Secure  
Supply Chain Innovation  
Supply Chain Agility:
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Supply Chain Trends & Best Practices  
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