Corporate Relations

We believe that business education today needs to be strongly rooted in partnerships with corporations. At the Neeley School, we work hard to facilitate interactions with executives, students, faculty, and staff. Together, we are creating future business leaders and advancing the practice of business. Listed below are many of the ways in which we collaborate with corporations. Contact us today if you would like to be involved:

Partner with Neeley for Executive Development

The Tandy Center for Executive Leadership  is your local resource for customized executive training and development programs to meet your company's critical needs. Neeley professionals assess and identify 
education/training options that focus on results and return on investment. Single-topic or integrated programs are delivered by leading professors with experience in specific areas such as leadership, financial management, ethics, supply chain management, marketing,  accounting, leading change, among many others. 

Experiential Learning: Bringing MBA students and business leaders together
At Neeley, learning goes beyond books, tests and the four walls of a classroom. We make sure that our MBA students have the opportunity to work on real projects for real clients, getting the experience that recruiters tell us they look for when hiring top executives. We connect them to business leaders in their area of interest to secure relevant connections. We call it Experiential Learning, and it's one more way we make sure our MBA graduates enter the workplace ready to add real value to the company.

Hire Purple: Interns and Full-time Hiring
We can help you hire interns or employees. There are many recruiting opportunities at Neeley. In addition to visiting the campus and interviewing students, you can take an active part in their future success by speaking on campus, making presentations, participating in career sessions, hiring interns, welcoming tours, posting jobs and utilizing our students for company projects. Neeley's  Graduate Career Service Center  works with employers to match the best MBA candidate for part-time and full-time jobs and summer internships. Access to undergraduate business students for internships or full-time employment is available through the Neeley satellite office of TCU Career Services.

Mentor BBA and MBA Students
We have several opportunities to mentor and get involved with our students.  Mentor programs are a meaningful part of the student experience. Put your leadership skills to work as you volunteer your time with Neeley School students.
Attend our Tandy Executive Speaker Series
The Tandy Executive Speaker Series is a business outreach program that brings in outstanding leaders to speak to Metroplex business executives about the latest trends and issues in business today.

Gain Access to Cutting-Edge Research
Our faculty partner with businesses to study relevant organizational issues. This research gives you knowledge that is essential to developing effective strategies for future growth and success. At the same time, faculty enhance their understanding and teaching of the current issues facing today's organizations. Many times, companies call upon our faculty to help develop sound business strategies. Check the research working paper series for details on the latest projects.