Faculty & Staff Directory


Name/Title Phone/Email Bio
Julie Abdinoor 817-257-5620  julie.abdinoor@tcu.edu Visiting Lecturer View Bio View
Danyelle Williams Ackall 817-257-6919  d.ackall@tcu.edu Instructor View Bio View
Bob Akin, Jr. (817) 257-5539  r.akin@tcu.edu Assistant Professor of Professional Practice View Bio View
Anne Albrecht 817-257-7571  a.albrecht@tcu.edu Assistant Professor View Bio View
Jami Alford 817-257-7189  j.r.alford@tcu.edu Computer Support Specialist View Bio View
David Allen 817-257-7535  david.allen@tcu.edu Associate Dean Graduate Programs View Bio View
Thomas Allison 817-257-6435  t.allison@tcu.edu Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship View Bio View
Judy Altenberg-Cyr 817-257-7572  j.altenberg@tcu.edu Administrative Assistant View Bio View
Aaron Anglin 817-257-4899  a.anglin@tcu.edu Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship View Bio View
Elisabeth Apperson 817-257-7556  e.apperson@tcu.edu Associate Director View Bio View
Maite Aston 817-257-4715  maite.aston@tcu.edu Program Coordinator View Bio View