Faculty & Staff Directory


Name/Title Phone/Email Bio
Cristina Barbosa 817-257-6947  c.barbosa@tcu.edu Administrative Assistant View Bio View
Bryan Beckman 817-257-6733  b.beckman@tcu.edu Assistant Director of Technology View Bio View
Lance Bettencourt 817-2575048  l.bettencourt@tcu.edu Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Marketing View Bio View
Yashoda Bhagwat 817-257-7215  y.bhagwat@tcu.edu Assistant Professor View Bio View
Kathryn Bishop 817-257-5285  k.bishop@tcu.edu Associate Director View Bio View
Karen Bisnette (817) 257-6542  k.bisnette@tcu.edu Copy Center Specialist View Bio View
John Bizjak 817-257-4260  j.bizjak@tcu.edu Professor View Bio View
Audra Boone 817-257-4267  audra.boone@tcu.edu Professor View Bio View
Christopher Boone 817-257-4095  c.boone@tcu.edu Associate Professor of Professional Practice View Bio View
Layne Bradley 817-257-4351  l.bradley@tcu.edu Instructor, Supply Chain Management View Bio View
Jessica Brewer 817-257-4536  j.k.brewer@tcu.edu Director Assessment & Accreditation View Bio View
Tonie Broussard (817) 257-7717  t.broussard@tcu.edu Administrative Assistant View Bio View
Tyson Browning (817) 257-5069  t.browning@tcu.edu Professor of Operations Management View Bio View
Garry Bruton (817) 257-7421  g.bruton@tcu.edu Professor of Management View Bio View