Faculty & Staff Directory


Name/Title Phone/Email Bio
Ellie Hahn 817-257-5149  e.hahn@tcu.edu Associate Director of Development View Bio View
Zachary Hall 817-257-5068  z.hall@tcu.edu Assistant Professor of Marketing View Bio View
Brad Harris 817-257-6543  brad.harris@tcu.edu Associate Professor View Bio View
Sesalee Harris 817-257-4369  sesalee.harris@tcu.edu Assistant, Recruiting & External Relations View Bio View
Tracy Harris 817-257-6581  t.l.harris@tcu.edu Program Coordinator View Bio View
Joseph Harrison 817-257-4898  j.s.harrison@tcu.edu Assistant Professor of Strategy View Bio View
In-Mu Haw (817) 257-7563  i.haw@tcu.edu Professor, Accounting View Bio View
Kimberly Heard 817-257-3041  kimberly.heard@tcu.edu Administrative Support View Bio View
Marsha Higgins 817-257-5148  marsha.higgins@tcu.edu Administrative Assistant View Bio View
Shannon Franklin Hightower 817-257-7185  s.hightower@tcu.edu Career Consultant View Bio View
Keith Hmieleski (817) 257-7280  k.hmieleski@tcu.edu Professor of Entrepreneurship View Bio View
Patrick Hopkins 817-257-7571  p.l.hopkins@tcu.edu Assistant Professor View Bio View
Mark Houston (817) 257-4889  m.b.houston@tcu.edu Professor of Marketing View Bio View