Faculty & Staff Directory


Name/Title Phone/Email Bio
Linda LaCoste 817-257-7211  l.lacoste@tcu.edu Director, Executive MBA Programs View Bio View
Connie Lamirand 817-257-4467  connie.lamirand@tcu.edu Graduate Programs Coordinator: Professional Program in Accounting/MAc View Bio View
Jun Ho Lee 817-257-5962  jun.ho.lee@tcu.edu Visiting Assistant Professor View Bio View
Ted Legatski, II (817) 257-7921  t.legatski@tcu.edu Associate Professor of Professional Practice View Bio View
Meg Lehman 817-257-5285  m.lehman@tcu.edu Assistant Director View Bio View
Robert Leone (817) 257-5528  r.leone@tcu.edu Professor of Marketing View Bio View
Randy Lewis (817) 257-6078  r.l.lewis@tcu.edu Instructor View Bio View
Steve Lim (817) 257-7536  s.lim@tcu.edu Associate Professor, Accounting View Bio View
Joseph Lipscomb (817) 257-7546  j.lipscomb@tcu.edu Director, LKCM Center for Financial Studies View Bio View
Larry Lockwood (817) 257-7420  l.lockwood@tcu.edu Professor, Finance View Bio View