Faculty & Staff Directory


Name/Title Phone/Email Bio
Gabrielle Sanchez 817-257-5220  g.sanchez@tcu.edu Academic Program Specialist View Bio View
Kristan Schilling 817-257-4980  k.schilling@tcu.edu Program Specialist View Bio View
Amanda Schram 817-257-7327  a.schram@tcu.edu Associate Director, Employer Relations View Bio View
Michael Sherrod 817-257-5735  m.s.sherrod@tcu.edu William M. Dickey Entrepreneur in Residence View Bio View
Abbie Shipp 817-257-7558  a.shipp@tcu.edu Professor of Management, Director of Adaptive Leader Executive Education Program View Bio View
Shannon Shipp (817) 257-7617  s.shipp@tcu.edu Associate Professor View Bio View
Alexandra Sifuentes 817-257-7336  a.sifuentes@tcu.edu Administrative Assistant View Bio View
Kelly Slaughter 817-257-7540  kelly.slaughter@tcu.edu Associate Professor of Professional Practice View Bio View
Susan Sledge 817-257-5134  susan.sledge@tcu.edu Program Director View Bio View
Matthew Smilor 817-257-6797  m.smilor@tcu.edu Director, Values and Ventures Programs View Bio View
Erin Smutz 817-257-7768  e.smutz@tcu.edu Manager, Marketing Communications and Creative Services View Bio View
Enrique Sondakh-Dorantes 817-357-4643  e.dorantes@tcu.edu Assistant Director, Graduate Recruiting & Admissions View Bio View
Mary Stanford (817) 257-7483  m.stanford@tcu.edu Department Chair View Bio View
Gregory Stephens (817) 257-7548  g.stephens@tcu.edu Associate Professor of Management and Leadership View Bio View
Jeff Stratman 817-257-7545  j.stratman@tcu.edu Professor & Department Chair View Bio View
Sarang Sunder 817-257-4092  s.sunder@tcu.edu Assistant Professor of Marketing View Bio View
Morgan Swink 817-257-7463  M.Swink@tcu.edu Professor and Executive Director SVCC View Bio View