Not a cost. An investment.

Finances are understandably a major part of your decision process. Just remember that education is an investment – so invest in a program you know will offer huge returns now and in the future.

Class of 2016 group cr

Class of 2019 Tuition & Payment Schedule

The Neeley Executive MBA Program tuition and fees for early applicants to the Class of 2019 (entering the program in August 2017) is $104,000. Here’s how the payments break down.




Due Date

Seat Deposit


Due upon acceptance of admission offer
*Receipt deposits are non-refundable

1st Payment


Due September 1, 2017 

2nd Payment


Due January 1, 2018

3rd Payment


Due May 1, 2018

4th Payment


Due August 1, 2018

Final Payment


Due January 1, 2019 





You’ll have to submit a seat deposit by the date indicated on your letter of acceptance to secure a seat in the class.

“I think that the courses, team participation and coaching relationship all had an influence and affected change within my leadership perspective. Without having all of those things present, my continued development as a leader would not have been as complete or as valuable.” — Class of 2014 Graduate