Values and Ventures® Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for TCU's Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures® Competition (April 24-25, 2020). The  competition is for undergraduate students and only undergraduate student may present a business plan.

Please fill out the application form and required questions. After submitting this form, you will need to email your 1-2 page executive summary to in order to complete your application. Once we receive your completed application form and executive summary, we will confirm and verify that it has been received and is complete.

**As a reminder, all ventures must have a minimum of 2 team members and at least 2 team members must present at the competition. **

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How does your business, product or service, benefit the community, environment, health, welfare or a specific population? (Maximum 300 Characters):*
How do you intend to make a profit? (Maximum 300 Characters):*
How is the business ownership/equity divided? (Maximum 300 Characters):*
Have you launched? If not, what is your launch strategy? (Maximum 300 Characters):*
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Don’t forget to email your executive summary to Your application will not be accepted until we receive your executive summary.