Entrepreneurial Intern Scholar Program
Acceptance Form

First Name:
Last Name:
Cell Phone:
TCU Address:
Home Address:
Amount Accepting for Intern Scholarship:
Incubator Internship Location:
Name of Company Interning with for 2018:
Name of Contact at Company:

  1. I will contact my intern company to introduce myself and confirm my start date and work schedule.
  2. I agree to complete the hours and the internship by the given date. If I am unable to complete the internship, I will notify the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center immediately and understand I would be required to reimburse TCU for the scholarship funds.
  3. I will represent TCU and the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center with excellent professionalism and will serve as an ambassador of TCU in the workplace.
  4. Upon completion of my internship, I will submit a one page review of the summer internship duties and valuable lessons gained as a result.