TCU's High School Idea-to-Market Competition

Saturday, April 25, 2020
Noon – 3:00 p.m. 
TCU Brown-Lupton University Union

Idea Market

We know you have great ideas for a product, app or service that helps people. Just think about a problem/need in your school, community or world, and design a business idea to help. Then tell us your idea. We’ll award up to $1,500 for the best ideas.

  • Students in grades 9-12
  • 1 team/idea per school
  • At least 2 people per team


First Place Student Team $1,500
First Place Teacher Advisor $1,000
Second Place Student Team $750
Second Place Teacher Advisor $500
Third Place Student Team $500
Third Place Teacher Advisor $250
Best Prototype $250
Best Presentation $250
People's Choice $250

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Read the Guidelines (click the button below). Work with your teacher to put together your team (2-4 people) and your best idea. Examples: giving back (TOMS®), hiring veterans, hiring underserved people, recycling/reusing, environment, health, nutrition.  

Step 2: Fill out the Application (click the button below). We want to know the problem you want to solve, who will benefit, your solution to the problem, and how you expect to make money.

Step 3: Create a prototype and send us a pic. This can be anything: a drawing, a model, a website, an app. Use whatever you have: paper, cardboard, clay, fabric, duct tape. This is required as part of your application. It does not have to be perfect. Just represent your idea. 

Step 4: Judges will choose the 12 best ideas. Those 12 teams will present their ideas with visual aids (PowerPoint, posters, prototypes) to judges in April at TCU, in conjunction with TCU’s Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures Competition for college students around the world.

Important Dates

Applications Open January 15, 2020
Application Deadline March 16, 2020
Online Judging  March 16-22, 2020
Finalists Announced March 23, 2020
Finalists Present at TCU April 25, 2020

Questions? Email