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TCU Neeley Executive Education works closely with the expert faculty members of the Neeley School of Business to provide relevant and forward thinking programs to meet the needs of your organization. These programs are customizable, on-demand and flexible in nature to accommodate your organization’s schedules and preference.

Creating a Purpose Driven Organization

Program Objectives:

Today’s leading-edge organizations are driven by a clear sense of purpose, a shared set of values, and a broader definition of success. This interactive program provides case studies, leading-edge research, and best practices in an interactive setting that helps participants identify strategies for developing, leading and evolving purpose-driven organizations.

  • Learn how to compose a clear and compelling purpose – and how to share it and embed it within your organization.
  • Discuss a broadened view of the purpose of leadership and businesses today.
  • Discover what it takes to build and grow a “purpose-driven” organization.
  • How to leverage purpose to build and scale organization culture, engage people, and deliver outstanding results.

Sample Topics:

  • Understand the needs of all of your stakeholders – not just investors – to broaden your perspective of value and success.
  • Discuss the role and purpose of your organization as it relates to all of your stakeholders.
  • Linking vision, values & purpose with strategy & execution.
  • How leadership, systems thinking, and integrated Human Capital strategies can enable purpose-driven organizations.

Business Data Analytics – Business Solutions

Program Objectives:

Both the volume and importance of business information and business analytics are growing at an exponential rate. This program will explore how to build models and analyze information using a variety of techniques and tools, leverage data to develop insights, and enable both business leaders and analysts to drive improved decision-making and business performance.

Sample Topics:

  • Organizational opportunities for business analytics.
  • Data analysis & mining.
  • Statistical methods & tools.
  • Descriptive statistics and data visualization.
  • Enabling business decisions.

Redesigning the Customer Experience

Program Objectives:

Design thinking, based on human centered design, is a framework for creative problem solving resulting in innovation breakthroughs large and small. This program introduces participants to the design thinking framework, provide tools for each step, and guides the participants as they produce innovative solutions to redesign the customer experience for their organization.

Sample Topics:

  • Understanding design thinking and its role in business innovation.
  • Using human centric design principles to transform your customer experience.
  • Identifying and defining the customer experience for your organization.
  • Ideation and creative problem solving.
  • Rapid prototyping, concept development, experimentation & testing.
  • Pitching ideas to key stakeholders.

Supply Chain Innovation Incubator

Program Objectives:

This interactive program provides case studies, leading research, and best practices in an “incubator” setting that illustrates effective innovation processes while helping participants to identify supply chain innovation opportunities, evaluate them, and develop implementation strategies.

  • Discover sources of ideas, and learn best practices for developing, evaluating and selecting the best ones to pursue.
  • Understand four primary competencies that separate innovators from followers.
  • Learn to recruit and manage supplier involvement in innovation.
  • Study the key levers for making innovation projects successful.
  • Learn how to organize and motivate team members to think and act innovatively.
  • Develop 3-4 innovation ideas and implementation plans for your organization.

Sample Topics:

  • Create value and competitive advantage through innovation in the supply chain.
  • Identify good innovation ideas and opportunities.
  • Discover the best ways to involve suppliers and other partners.
  • Learn how “best practice” companies motivate, finance, and deliver supply chain innovations.
  • Practice key organizational skills that foster innovation and drive change.
  • Discuss a framework for thinking about which innovation ideas should to pursue.

Adaptive Organization: Leading for Innovation and Results

Program Objectives:

In 1971 the average lifespan of a U.S. corporation was 71 years. Today’s it is 15 years and declining.  The reasons are complex, but include both the ever-increasing rate of change and the uncertainty around where disruption will next arise. The prospect of imminent product or market disruption is driving companies to understand how adaptability, innovation and entrepreneurship can work to sustain their enterprise.

This business solution provides practical tools and frameworks for building adaptive organizations capable of nurturing innovation and leveraging entrepreneurship for sustainable competitive advantage.

Sample Topics

  • Constraints on organizational adaptability.
  • Sources of innovation.
  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles.
  • Implementation challenges and opportunities

Executive Presence & Communication

In this program, you'll deepen your self-awareness of your leadership and communication style, improve your ability to communicate in a variety of situations, and enhance your capability to project true "leadership presence" to lead even more effectively in your organization.

Who Would Benefit

Mid-level to senior level leaders within an organization who want to improve their ability to communicate and lead much more effectively in a variety of challenging situations.


  • Communication Style
  • Clarity & Focus for Message Development
  • Authenticity & Leadership Style
  • Leadership Purpose & Personal Branding
  • Capturing Interest & Engaging an Audience
  • Influence & Persuasion
  • Presentation Approaches & Structures
  • Storytelling & Handling Difficult Questions
  • Leading & Communicating During Challenging Situations

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Partner Programs Spotlight

Cook Children’s Advancing Health Care Leadership Program

August 2015 through April 2016

We’re proud to continue our partnership with Cook Children’s Health Care System (CCHCS) and its Physician Network to develop and deliver a program designed specifically for health care and physician leaders.

Program design Themes include:

  • Leadership, Teamwork and Leading Change
  • Systems Thinking and High Reliability Organizations
  • Complexity in Healthcare Environments and the Current Healthcare Climate

This highly interactive program features TCU faculty—led by Dr. Mary Uhl-Bien (Leadership) and Dr. Morgan Swink (Supply Chain)— as well as Cook Children’s leaders and top health care experts from other leading health care networks.

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