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Neeley faculty are renowned experts in their fields, consistently producing research that is published in prestigious academic journals. Below is a list of recent publications. Click on any of the topic areas below for more information.   

Research Publications 2009/2010 


On the Anticipation of IPO Underpricing: Evidence from Equity Carve-Outs
Journal of Corporate Finance (2009)
Huijing Fu, L.M. Benveniste, P.J. Seguin, X. Yu

Control, Institutions, and Banking Sector: An International Study
Journal of Banking and Finance (2009)
In-Mu Haw, S. Ho, B. Hu, D. Wu 

Forecast Properties, Concentrated Ownership and Legal Institutions
Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance (2009)
In-Mu Haw, S. Ho, B. Hu, W. Wu 

Concentrated Supply Chain Membership and Financial  Performance: Chain- and Firm-Level Perspectives
Journal of Operations Management (2010)
Danny Lanier, William Wempe, Z. Zacharia

Were In-Process Research and Development Charges Too Aggressive?
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting (2009)
Steve Lim, T. Dowdell, E. Press

Measuring the Impact of Sales on Earnings and Equity Price
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting Vol. 32, Number 2 (2009)
Steve Lim, O. Kim, T. Park

Globalization, U.S. Foreign Investments, and Accounting
Review of Accounting and Finance 8(1): 5-37 (2009)
Ray PfeifferJr., O. Akisik 

The Effects of Financial Statement Restatements on Firms’ Financial Reporting Strategies
Journal of Accounting Ethics and Public Policy (2009)
Ray Pfeiffer Jr., E. Moore 

Evidence on the Distributional Effects of a Land Value Tax on Residential Households
National Tax Journal (2010)
Elizabeth Plummer

The Impact of Academic Accounting Research on Professional Practice:  An Analysis by the AAA Research Impact Task Force
Accounting Horizons (2009)
Elizabeth Plummer, co authored with members of the AAA Research Impact Task Force

The Effects of Rate Limits on Property Tax Revenues and School Expenditures: Evidence from Texas
Journal of the American Taxation Association (2009)
Elizabeth Plummer, R. Pavur 

Further Evidence on the Relation between Analysts’ Forecast Dispersion and Stock Returns
Contemporary Accounting Research (2009)
Mary Stanford, O. Barron and Y. Yu 

Lean Manufacturing, Non-Financial Performance Measures, and Financial Performance
International Journal of Operations and Production Management (2009)
William Wempe and R.R. Fullerton

Business Information Systems

An Examination of the Antecedents and Consequences of Organizational IT Innovation in Hospitals
Journal of Strategic Information Systems (September 2010)
Leidner, D., D.S.Preston, and D.Q. Chen

Antecedents and Impacts of CIO Supply-side and Demand-side Leadership: A Staged Maturity Model
Journal of Management Information Systems (Summer 2010)
D.Q. Chen, D.S.Preston, W. Xia 

Information Systems Strategy: Reconceptualization, Measurement, and Implications
MIS Quarterly (June 2010)
D.Q. Chen, D.S.Preston, M. Mocker, and A. Teubner 

Addressing Business Agility Challenges with Enterprise Systems
MIS Quarterly Executive (2009)
Daniel Chen, D.L. Goodhue,  M-C Boudreau, A. Davis

Separate but Equal – Will it Work for Professional Honors Programs?
Honors in Practice Vol. 5 (2009)
Beata Jones, P. Watson

How to Develop a Shared Vision, The Key to IS Strategic Alignment
MISQ Quarterly Executive (2009)
David Preston, E. Karahanna 

The Antecedents of IS Strategic Alignment: A Nomological Network
Information Systems Research (2009)
David Preston, E. Karahanna


Interest Rate Changes and the Timing of Debt Issuances
Journal of Banking and Finance (April 2009)
Christopher  B. Barry, Steven C. Mann, Vassil T. Mihov, Mauricio Rodriguez

Applying Special Capital Budgeting to Mergers
Engineering Economist (2009) 
Stan Block

Daily Income Target Effects: Evidence from a Large Sample of Professional Commodities Traders
Journal of Financial Markets (2009)
Peter Locke,  Steven C. Mann

Performance of Separately Managed International Equity Accounts: How Important are Country Momentum Effects?
Global Finance Journal (2010)
 Larry Lockwood, J. Gallo, R. Bhargava 

Sustainable Growth and Stock Returns
Journal of Financial Research (2010)
Larry Lockwood,  W. Prombutr 

Investment Irreversibility, Cash Flow Risk, and Value-Growth Stock Return Effects
The Financial Review (2010)
Larry Lockwood, W. Prombutr, D. Diltz 

The Effect of Development Impact Fees on Housing Values
Journal of HousingResearch (2009)
Larry Lockwood,  J. Evans-Cowley, R. Rutherford, T. Springer

The Underpricing of Private Targets
Journal of Financial Economics (2009)
Thomas Moeller, J.W. Cooney, M. Stegemoller


Rapid Institutional Shifts and Co-Evolution: Entrepreneurial Firms in Russia’s Transition Economy
Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice (2009)  
Garry Bruton, D. Ahlstrom 

Governance, Ownership Structure and Performance of IPO Firms:  The Impact of Different Types of Private Equity Investors and Legal Institutions in Two European Nations
Strategic Management Journal  (2010)
Garry Bruton, I. Filatotchev, S. Chahine, M. Wright

Capabilities as a Mediating Path to the Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Firms in an Emerging Economy
Journal of International Business Studies (2010)
Garry Bruton, Y. Lu, L. Zhou, W. Li

High-Technology Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: Resources and the Impact of Firm Informality
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (2010)
Garry Bruton, C.A. Siqueira 

Founders, Private Equity Investors and Underpricing in UK Entrepreneurial IPOs
Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice 33: 909-928 (2009)
Garry Bruton, S. Chahine, I. Filatotchev 

Informal Family Business in Africa
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (2009)
Garry Bruton, S. Khavul, E. Wood

Institution Modification and Building: A Comparison of the Venture Capital Industries in Latin America and East Asia
Journal of International Business Studies (2009)
Garry Bruton, Thomas Puky, D. Ahlstrom 

Recruiters’ Inferences of Applicant Personality Based on Résumé Screening: Do Paper People Have a Personality?
Journal of Business and Psychology (2009)
Michael Cole, H.S. Fields, W.F. Giles, S.G. Harris

Regulatory Focus and New Venture Performance:  A Study of Entrepreneurial Opportunity Exploitation Under Conditions of Risk Versus Uncertainty
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (2009)
Keith Hmieleski, S.A. Baron

Entrepreneurs’ Optimism and New Venture Performance: A Social Cognitive Perspective
Academy of Management Journal (2009)
Keith Hmieleski, R.A. Baron

The Deal Structuring Stage of the Venture Capitalist Decision-Making Process:  Exploring Confidence and Control
Journal of Small Business Management 47(2): 154-179 (2009)
Curt Moore, G. T. Payne, J. L. Davis, R. G. Bell

Effects of Selection and Training on Unit-Level Performance Over Time: A Latent Growth Modeling Approach
Journal of Applied Psychology Vol 94(4) pp. 829-843 (2009)
Lex Perryman, C. Van Iddekinge, G. Ferris, P. Perrewé, F. Blass, T. Heetderks 

When the CEO is Ill: Keeping Quite or Going Public?
Business Horizons (2009)
Lex Perryman, F. Butler, G. Ferris


Using Transformational Appeals to Enhance the Retail Experience
Journal of Retailing 84, 49-57 (2009)
Julie Baker, Susan Kleiser, Eric Yorkston, G. Naylor 

It Depends: Moderating the Relationships Between Perceived Waiting Time, Anger, and Regret
Journal of Service Research (2009) 
Julie Baker, C. Voorhees, B. Bordeau, D. Brocato, J. Cronin 

Gender Differences in the Pricing of Professional Services: Implications for Income and Customer Relationships
Forthcoming in 2010
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (2010)
William L Cron, J. Slocum, M. Gilly, J. Graham

The Convergent Validity of Structural Measures of Differentiation Derived from Repertory Grid
The Journal of Constructivist Psychology (2010)
William L Cron, A. Baldauf, S. Grossenbacher 

The Strategic Role of the Selling Function: A Resource-based Framework
The Oxford Handbook on Sales Management and Sales Strategy (2010)
William L Cron, T. Leigh, A. Baldauf, S. Grossenbacher 

Sales Force Strategy
Wiley International Encyclopedia of Marketing (2010)
William L Cron, D. Cravens 

Implicit Versus Explicit Third Party Endorsements: Do CSR Initiatives Imply A Nonprofit Organization Endorsement?
Journal of Advertising (2009)
Stacy Landreth Grau, Amanda B. Grau, Bower

Conceptualizing and Measuring the Monetary Value of Brand Extensions: The Case of Motion Pictures
Journal of Marketing 73 (2009)
Mark Houston, T. Hennig-Thurau, T. Heitjans 

Dynamic Strategic Goal-Setting: Theory and Initial Evidence
Review of Marketing Research Vol 7 (2010)
Mark Houston, S. Ratneshwar, L. Ricci, and A. J. Malter 

Distinguishing Trust and Reputation in Buyer-Supplier Relationships
Industrial Marketing Management (2010)
Mark Houston, T. Suh 

Drivers of Brand Value, Estimation of Brand Value in Practice, and Use of Brand Valuation
Journal of Brand Management (2009)
Robert Leone, R Raggio 

Preserving (and Growing) Brand Value in a Downturn
Journal of Brand Management (2009)
Robert Leone, R Raggio 

Happiness for Sale: Do Experiential Purchases Make Consumers Happier than Material Purchases?
Journal of Consumer Research (2009)
Leonardo Nicolao, J. Irwin, J. Goodman

Global Account Management Strategies: Drivers and Outcomes
Journal of International Business Studies (2010)
Chris White,  L. Hui Shi, S. Zou, and S.T. Cavusgil 

The Malleable Brand:  The Role of Implicit Theories in Evaluating Brand Extensions
Journal of Marketing (2010)
Eric Yorkston, J.C. Nunes, S. Matta 

Supply Chain 

A Random Generator of Resource-Constrained Multi-Project Network Problems
Journal of Scheduling (2010)
Tyson Browning, A.A. Yassine 

An Adaptive Process Model to Support Product Development Project Management
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (2009)
Tyson Browning, V. Lévárdy 

The Many Views of a Process: Towards a Process Architecture Framework for Product Development Processes
Systems Engineering (2009)
Tyson Browning

Reconceptualizing the Effects of Lean on Production Costs with Evidence from the F-22 Program
Journal of Operations Management (2009)
Tyson Browning, Ralph D. Heath

Using the Design Structure Matrix to Design Program Organizations
Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management (2009)
Tyson Browning

Some Measures of Interorganizational Citizenship Behaviors: Scale Development and Validation
International Journal of Logistics Management (2010)
Charles W. Lamb, C. Autry, L. Skinner

An Examination of Complements to Product-Process Technology Integration and Their Influences on Manufacturing Capabilities
Decision Sciences Journal  (2010)
Narasimhan, R., Morgan Swink , and Viswanatham, S.

The Roles of Worker Expertise, Information Sharing Quality, and Psychological Safety in Manufacturing Process Innovation: An Intellectual Capital Perspective
Production Operations Management Journal
Lee, J., Morgan Swink (forthcoming)

Patterns of AMT Utilization and the Growth of Manufacturing Capabilities: An Empirical Validation
Operations Management Journal
Chung, W., Morgan Swink (2009)

Marketing-Manufacturing Integration Across Stages of New Product Development: Effects on the Success of High and Low Innovativeness Products
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
Song, X.M., Morgan Swink (2009)

Ten Traits of the Best Supply Chains
Supply Chain Management Review
Poirier, C.C., Morgan Swink, Quinn, F.J. (2010)

Does becoming a top supply chain company really pay off? An analysis of top SCM Companies and their rivals.
Supply Chain Management Review
Morgan Swink, Golecha, R., Richardson, T. (2010)

7th Annual Global Supply Chain Survey: Progress Despite the Downturn
Supply Chain Management Review
Poirier, C., Morgan Swink, Quinn, F. (2009)

On Disconnects between Analytical Modelers and Empiricists: Considerations for Empirical Science
POMS Chronicle
Morgan Swink (2009)

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