Student Organization

In 2007, ten Neeley Fellows came together to form the Neeley Fellows Students Organization (NFSO) with the intention of "helping Neeley Fellows achieve their full potential in the Neeley Fellows program by creating a vibrant community of committed students, faculty members, alumni, parents, corporate partners, and non-profit organizations, while accelerating the Neeley School's connection with the greater business community."

The organization's goals are to:

  • represent and promote the students of Neeley Fellows with the highest degree of personal integrity and professional ethics 
  • develop relationships with the business community 
  • create situations in which Neeley Fellows can build camaraderie through social engagements 
  • serve as a liaison to faculty, administration, the University, and other student organizations
The purpose of student governance in Neeley Fellows is to provide opportunities to lead activities, initiate events, provide a student's perspective for the program, as well as provide an outlet to express ideas or concerns regarding the program. NFSO officers are elected each year by their peers at the end of each fall semester.  Each NFSO officer has a specific area of focus and responsibility.
NFSO activities in a typical year include:
  • Neeley Fellows Recruitment & Information Sessions
  • Event Planning: Cross-cohort & Alumni Social Events, Neeley School Events
  • Promotion of Neeley Fellows, On-campus and through Social Media
  • Coordinating Corporate Site Visits & Service Learning Opportunities
  • Annual T-shirt Design
  • NFSO Election Process 
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2019 NFSO Officers

Standish Dalton

Dalton Standish


Cornell Reilly

Reilly Cornell

Executive VP

Bettis Sydney

Sydney Bettis

VP Public Relations

Heffernan Erin

Erin Heffernan

VP Membership & Programming - Junior Role

Servais Ashley

Ashley Servais

VP Membership & Programming - Sophomore Role

Solomon Michael

Michael Solomon

VP Community Service

Beasley Will

Will Beasley

VP External Relations

Rassmussen Lauren

Lauren Rasmussen

Member at Large - Newsletter

Lovely Conner

Conner Lovely

Member at Large - International Liaison