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If you are interested in a career in investment banking, corporate finance, financial planning, banking, insurance or real estate, finance is the major for you. Finance integrates concepts from economics, accounting and several other areas. The central focus of finance is the relationship of risk and return.

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TCU Finance Major

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TCU Educational Investment Fund
The TCU Educational Investment Fund (TCU EIF) gives select undergraduate and graduate and students the opportunity to experience real market forces as they invest the $1.4 million portfolio of stocks and bonds. Students make every decision. They execute trades, convince associates of their investment proposal and learn the merits of sound asset diversification. With this kind of exceptional experience under their belts, numerous TCU students have gone on to successful Wall Street careers. 

LKCM Center for Financial Studies
is to enhance the quality, prestige, and national visibility of finance programs at the Neeley School of Business with outstanding faculty, top students, industry partnerships and excellent employment opportunities for graduates.

Transaction and Investment Professional Board
Highly engaged, successful young TCU alumni work with students to promote the competitiveness and placement of TCU finance students among the highest ranks of investment banking, equity research, private equity and hedge fund organizations in New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and other finance hubs across the nation.

Student Organizations
The TCU Financial Management Association and the TCU Real Estate Club enhance the development of students by providing speaker events, company visits and other networking opportunities.

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