"Everyone has a different path to MBA.  But it's the same journey once classes begin."

Kiki Dallao, MBA '14

Nowadays former high school coach Kiki Dallao tackles “teaching” from a new angle: she’s advising companies around the globe. Following internships with Raytheon and American Airlines, her résumé is loaded with experience in managing people to achieve strategic goals.

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Nailing a top internship

Making the final cut at the world’s largest companies means outperforming MBAs from other top B-schools. “Raytheon flew me to Boston to interview—alongside MBAs from Michigan, Pepperdine, Duke, University of Chicago. At that point, it doesn't matter about GMAT scores or where you went to school—because everyone is smart. It’s about being able to demonstrate what you can do for the company.”

Global experience before graduation

TCU’s travel courses deliver firsthand knowledge of how people live and do business around the globe. After meeting with execs at both start-ups and sector-leaders in India and Italy, how will Kiki make the most of this insight? “In India they do business very differently. It’s a very personal relationship, not just business. So when I do business with someone from India, I’ll understand the culture and how people think. Or if I send someone to work there, I’ll be able to explain, ‘This is not a vacation. You have to become part of the culture to be successful.’”

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Harnessing the power of small

What’s the advantage of an MBA program that's small by design? It’s that professors, classmates and career coaches understand your skills, career plan and personal dreams. “The professors and administrators truly know each of us and what we’re really looking for. That means when my career coach is talking with a CEO, she can talk specifically about me. They’re our personal advocates in a way that they couldn’t be at a large school.”

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