"It's a dream job."

Gabe Williams, MBA '14

Former college baseball player Gabe Williams transitioned to the big leagues at Nike. He pairs his TCU MBA experience with a background in commercial real estate to analyze markets and potential properties for one of the world’s best-known brands.  After a promotion, he is now the Director of Retail Strategy & Business Development.

Collegial and competitive

Working on year-long project teams pushes students to develop new skills in an environment that’s competitive, but not cutthroat. So what makes TCU MBAs different? “We want to win. When there’s a business simulation or case competition on the table, everybody wants to come out on top. But even if you’re competitors now, you know you’ll still be friends later. We’re so small and intimate here that you build great relationships that will last.”

Roll up your sleeves

A TCU MBA has to be earned. The rigorous program’s stand-and-deliver experiences put everyone to the test. “From the moment they say go, you’re going 24-7—having a paper due the same day a project is due—and it’s all group work, so it’s hard to coordinate schedules. At the same time, you’re supposed to be attending a C-Level Confidential dinner, listening to a guest speaker and building your network to find jobs. I came from a work-hard, play-hard environment, but this was tougher.”

International and influential

The high-level business connections made during TCU’s global study trips can change your business outlook—or maybe your career. But with destinations ranging from South Africa to China and beyond, choosing can be a problem. “You ask yourself, ‘Is this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Or is it something I can do on my own later? The Dominican Republic is in our hemisphere, so maybe I’ll go to India instead!’”

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