"TCU prepared me for a different level of career."

Tigran Abovyan, MBA '13

En route to TCU’s MBA program, Tigran Abovyan beat out thousands of applicants from Eurasia for a coveted Muskie Fellowship. Following two internships working with billion-dollar investments, he’s the top financial officer for a company that imports truffles, wines and luxury foods from around the globe.

Valuing the bottom line

It’s the biggest question for any MBA student: What’s my return on investment? TCU repeatedly ranks in U.S. News & World Report’s top 10 for best financial value at graduation—and the experience of Tigran and his classmates backs up those rankings. “TCU takes really brilliant people from all kinds of backgrounds and transforms them. They can come from teaching or the military and become business professionals earning $80,000 to $100,000 a year. That’s amazing.”

Responsible investing

As a portfolio manager with TCU’s Educational Investment Fund, one of the oldest student-run funds in the nation, he analyzed companies, built financial models and made investment decisions that outperformed industry benchmarks. The $1.3 million fund involves real money—with real consequences. “It’s the school’s money, but it’s our responsibility. Six percent is paid out to the school and a hospital, so you see how your decision will affect the school, other students, your professors. You want to do something with benefit for the long term.”

A sharper career trajectory

Tigran graduated with deep knowledge in finance and investments, along with a proven track record managing investments and consulting for Fortune 500 companies. “I was in finance before, working at the Central Bank of Armenia, but my finance career really started here at TCU. With the CFA classes and my internships, TCU prepared me for a different level of career.” 

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