"Working with real-life companies is huge."

Zach Leiwant, MBA '14

Building atop his background in airline operations, Zach Leiwant created a record of solving business problems through a Neeley & Associates consulting team and a consulting-based internship with the company behind Travelocity. Later he focused on logistics and strategic partnerships at a San Francisco start-up.

Rounding out industry expertise

With experiences managing everything from airport operations to guest services to flight dispatching, Zach was ready to transform his résumé. He thought a TCU MBA could take his career to new heights. “I had always worked in the operations realm, but there were a lot more functions that seemed interesting. The quickest path seemed to be an MBA to get that full scope of business knowledge.”

Personal touch

As an undergrad at Columbia, he always felt like one of thousands. But TCU’s MBA program, with typical class sizes of 20, offered the personal connections Zach knew would serve him well over his career. Case in point: In order to attend a professional conference, he asked his professor if he might reschedule a test. “So my professor came in on a Saturday to administer the exam to me. Just me. He spent three hours of his own time so I could attend a conference. When I thanked him, he said, ‘That’s what we do at TCU.’ That made me realize that everyone here was helping me meet my goals.”

The DFW advantage

With more than 10,000 corporations making up the planet’s 12th-largest metro economy, Dallas-Fort Worth is an unrivaled place to earn an MBA and launch a new career. And the offerings of America’s 16th-largest city—world-class art museums, cool restaurants, pro sports and more—make for a lifestyle to savor. Just ask East Coaster Zach. “Texas has a unique culture, and Fort Worth fits right into that. There’s definitely an identity here. The thing that keeps coming to me is, it’s February and 75 degrees. On the East Coast, I’d already be planning my day so I only had to go outside once!”

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