“TCU brings companies to you and gives you a chance to showcase your talent.”

Maya Pouncy, MBA '14

Bringing a background in sales for Johnson & Johnson companies, Maya Pouncy came to TCU to broaden her business skill set. Her transformed résumé—bolstered by global experiences and a killer internship—enabled her to transition into brand management with Kimberly-Clark.

Connected with companies

Even before classes begin, TCU MBAs work with personal career coaches and make presentations in front of industry recruiters. The corporate connections continue through on-campus interviews, corporate info sessions, guest speakers, club events and more. But it all pays off: Maya received internship offers from three major companies. “It’s hectic. You’re trying to balance schoolwork and networking and applying for internships. But TCU makes finding an internship easier by bringing companies to you—and giving you opportunities to showcase your talent.”

Glimpse into global strategy

On a TCU study tour in China, Maya explored everything from exec-level strategy to the entrepreneurial climate. The trip was a rare chance to connect with senior teams at market-leading firms such as Guangzhou Auto Company and the world’s largest manufacturers of small appliances, telescopes and even plush toys. This on-the-ground knowledge gave her career new global possibilities. “It really gave me the opportunity to show my internship employer that I am aware of the challenges and prospects of doing business abroad.”

Marketing insight

The Marketing Club’s trip to Chicago gave Maya insight into the inner workings of brand marking.  In addition to learning from brand managers at Gatorade, she discussed consumer insight with Symphony ROI's market researchers.  “They knew what’s in everyone’s grocery cart.  If you buy this, you also buy that.  They consult with consumer product companies to know who your true customer is.”

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