Alumni Spotlight: Grant Moise MBA ‘04

Grant Moise, MBA '04

Grant Moise, a TCU MBA alumnus from the class of ‘04, was recently promoted to the position of Publisher and President of The Dallas Morning News. Of course, like any success story, Grant’s did not happen overnight. Instead, this significant career achievement is the result of dedication, hard work and a series of strategic decisions.

The first step Grant took on his career path was obtaining an undergraduate degree in Journalism. Once out in the workforce, he realized that, while he had a great background in journalism, he had never taken an Accounting, Finance or Economics class. As Grant says, “I knew I needed to fill the voids in my business acumen.” That’s what led him to pursue his MBA.

Why TCU?

After researching several programs, Grant ultimately chose TCU because, in his words, “it felt like a school that treated each student like a family member. In short, it felt personal.”

According to Grant, his interest in TCU heightened once he realized how much access he would have to Neeley's expert faculty — access that extended beyond the classroom. Another huge selling point was the breadth, depth and diversity of professional experience his fellow MBA students would be bringing to the program. “My cohort felt like a group of students who were similar to me,” Grant says. “They were not trying to check the box in getting an MBA, but rather wanted to genuinely expand their knowledge and experience.”

Location was also a big factor in his decision to enroll in the Neeley School of Business. In particular, TCU’s proximity to and close relationships with leading companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex held strong appeal to him. As Grant notes, “there are more Fortune 500 companies in this area than just about anywhere in the United States, plus I could see myself living here and raising a family here after school. DFW's culture and vibrant business community were big selling points for my wife and me.”

An MBA in the Publishing Industry

When reflecting on how his MBA most helped him advance to the position of Publisher of The Dallas Morning News, Grant credits the variety of learning experiences that TCU's program provided him. “I learned about everything from corporate structure to strategy to critical thinking,” he recalls. “I was sold on wanting to become a CEO when I enrolled in the CEO Forum during my last semester. I remember sitting in that classroom hearing multiple CEO’s tell us what it was really like being a CEO and I knew then that was what I wanted to do.” 

Grant also credits Neeley for introducing him to disruptive technologies and their implications for a wide array of businesses. As fascinating and futuristic as the subject is, Grant acknowledges, the knowledge he took away from his studies has proven incredibly practical, and it's knowledge he's been able to apply in multiple professional settings. As Grant says, “my industry sits at the center of disruption. However, I also took what I learned about companies who have allowed technology to end their run (Kodak, Blockbuster, etc.) and have been intentional in my approach to leading our business strategy to make sure I learned from the mistakes of those companies and industries. We have strategically innovated at our company, and I am forever grateful to TCU and my MBA for helping me learn from those who came before me.”

Grant describes his current position of Publisher as “the CEO of a news media company.” From his perspective, a media companies' challenges have been well documented on the print side, but not enough attention has been focused on what traditional publishers are doing in the digital space. In fact, Grant notes, the Morning News' digital subscriptions are experiencing rapid growth. Nevertheless, Grant cautions, “if the content being produced is not differentiated, the subscriber will not pay for it. Luckily, we have a wealth of data and business intelligence that helps us understand what type of content is most valuable to the consumer and we are working hard to exceed their expectations in all that we do.”

Grant has achieved that goal he set for himself a short 14 years ago and succeeded in reaching the pinnacle of the publishing industry.  He expresses that he “could not have accomplished this without the Neeley School and the knowledge and perspective that the school provided me.” 

Tips for Prospective MBA Students

When asked why he would recommend that other professionals in his industry pursue an MBA, Grant shares a lesson he learned from his grandmother — a lesson that that stuck with him and that he says has been one of the most valuable he’s learned in his life. According to his grandmother, “the world can take away almost everything in your possession, but it can never take away your education.” Paraphrasing, Grant says, “invest in your mind and you will not regret it!”

If you’re considering an MBA, Grant’s advice is to just do it. And if TCU is on your list? Grant’s message is, “if you are looking for a school that is personal, challenging and supportive, apply. You won’t regret it.” 

Learn more about TCU’s MBA program and how it has contributed to student success stories like Grant’s by visiting the Neeley School of Business website.

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