Financing Your MBA


Earning an MBA offers you many excellent benefits and opportunities for professional growth regardless of your industry or current role within your organization. However, choosing to further your education does require making an investment. As a prospective student, you may be hesitant to commit to an MBA program until you have a better idea of the quantifiable return you can expect on your investment. While the affordability of a degree can be a legitimate concern — and financing a great education is a reality that needs to be addressed — the cost of an MBA shouldn’t stop anyone from pursuing their career goals.

Ways to Finance Your MBA

Luckily, when it comes to financing an MBA, you have multiple options. What kind of assistance is available, and what are the specific requirements for qualifying for each one? With answers to these questions, you'll be better able to begin planning for the many life changes that come with going back to school.

Employer Help

Some employers will pay for part (or all of) an employee’s MBA. If you’re currently working and plan to continue working while pursuing your degree, ask your employer about any tuition reimbursement or special program they may have for employees looking to broaden their skill set and enhance their performance with an MBA. 

TCU Financial Aid

Colleges and universities offer financial aid as well. The types of aid available and the requirements for each type will vary from school to school and program to program. To help students pay for their continuing education, the Neeley School of Business pairs generous scholarship and financial aid packages with tuition rates that are competitively priced for an advanced degree from a high-quality private university.

Types of aid from TCU includes:

  • Merit-Based Scholarships
    Leaving the security of a paycheck to attend graduate school full-time can be a difficult and life-changing proposition. TCU offers merit-based scholarships to full-time MBA students who are stepping out of their careers and away from salaries. At TCU, almost all of our Full-time MBA students receive scholarships, with more than half on full-tuition awards. Scholarships are awarded based on the competitiveness of the application – past academic performance, professional accomplishment, proven leadership and community engagement are all considered.
  • Professional Development Grants
    Working students in TCU Neeley's evening and part-time graduate programs have access to Professional Development Grants (PDG). Unlike student loans, these grants do not need to be repaid. The PDG provides a one-fourth tuition credit for up to six semester hours per semester.

    Because these grants are awarded on the basis of need, applicants must meet certain income requirements.
  • Yellow Ribbon Matching for Military Candidates
    TCU Neeley values and esteems the contributions of those who serve or have served in our country's armed forces. For students who meet the military’s Yellow Ribbon criteria, TCU Neeley will provide matching funds to cover the tuition and fees that extend beyond the coverage of the G.I. Bill. Additionally, the $100 application fee is waived for all current and former military members.

Summer Internships

Students in the Full-time MBA Program typically participate in professional internships during the summer months, and are compensated at professional rates in these positions. It is not unusual for students to continue to work on a project basis for their intern companies during their second year of study.

External Scholarships and Fellowships

You can also help finance your MBA via external scholarships and fellowships. Be sure to check out organizations and foundations that support graduate business education as part of their mission, such as:

With the many different ways to finance an MBA, the anticipated cost of your degree doesn't need to be an obstacle to you investing in your education. As a member of a learning community, you'll not only forge meaningful, lifelong connections with others (including students, professors and industry professionals) but you'll also acquire the broad business knowledge and specific proficiencies you'll need to advance your career or take an all-new career path.

If you’re considering applying to any of the graduate programs at the TCU Neeley School of Business — from our full-time MBA to our weekend Executive MBA (EMBA) to our evening Health Care MBA, Energy MBA or MS in Supply Chain Management — and would like to discuss financing your education, contact us today.

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