Neeley Boasts a Culture Like No Other


Wondering what it’s actually like to be a student in TCU’s Neeley MBA program? While we may be a bit biased, we’re confident that the culture of our program is exceptional — it’s one of the many factors that sets Neeley apart from the competition.

But don’t just take it from us! Blake Ericsson, MBA 2019, tells us that although his initial goal was to receive an MBA from an elite name-brand school like TCU “as little more than a resume booster,” after a couple of tours and conversations with our administration, it was TCU’s culture that really drew him in.

So much to love about TCU MBA

The Neeley MBA program’s distinct culture successfully blends a highly competitive program with a close-knit and supportive family feel. Our culture plays a huge role in the overall experience of our students and continues to benefit them after graduation and throughout their careers. Here’s why.

1. Small class sizes

Neeley is known for its small class sizes. Of his TCU MBA class, Blake says: “We're a tight-knit group, and I believe that is made possible by the small class sizes. I never feel disconnected from anyone.” This part of our culture is a big advantage for both students and faculty, promoting strong relationships and enabling each student to receive personalized attention and feedback.

2. A close-knit group of students in a competitive atmosphere

While Neeley is a top-tier program that maintains a highly competitive atmosphere, it simultaneously prioritizes fostering close relationships between students. “I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world with many in the program and have made life-long friendships,” Blake says.

“There is a rising tide feeling here,” he continues. “We all want success for each other and we all provide leads and opportunities for each other. Many of us have found roles with companies we really enjoy and have brought other students into the fold with those companies.”

3. World-class learning and networking events

Neeley students continually encounter opportunities to practice their skills, learn outside of the classroom, work together to design innovative solutions to business problems and network with leaders in business.

Blake says that being in the Neeley MBA program is “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I take advantage of every experiential event I am able to join. Somehow it now feels normal to have dinner with Ross Perot Jr., mingle with CEOs and have a drink with an international real estate developer while overlooking the skyline of Shanghai.”

4. Close relationships with TCU MBA faculty

TCU Neeley’s faculty is among the most highly ranked in the world. “With such small class sizes, we have the privilege of getting close with our professors,” Blake says. “It's easy to see during our study abroad trips that we want to spend time with our professors.”

5. A strong alumni network

Because of the amazing culture at Neeley and the relationships students develop during their time in our program, our alumni network is truly unique. This highly active and supportive group is an incredible gift for both current students and graduates. Blake’s internship and full-time job are “thanks to alumni that reached out to invite me for coffee and lunch to have informal conversations about opportunities.” 

And this isn’t just Blake’s experience! These scenarios occur time and time again for our students.

Blake says his life has fundamentally changed as a result of being a TCU MBA. When he looks back at all that he’s done, the friends he’s made and the network he’s built over the last few years, he “cannot more highly encourage anyone thinking about an MBA to join the TCU Neeley family.”

If you’re thinking about applying to the Neeley School and want to learn more about our MBA programs and application process, contact us via phone or email. One of our team members will be happy to speak with you!

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