5 Reasons to Apply Early to TCU Neeley MBA


If you’re considering applying to TCU Neeley MBA, whether for our full-time or evening program, we’d strongly encourage you to apply in the first round of 2019 applications. Keep reading for details about the 2019/20 application deadlines and to learn more about the benefits of early application to the TCU Neeley MBA program.

4 Rounds of the Application Process

For 2019/20 applicants, there are 4 different deadlines to be aware of:

  • Round 1: October 15, 2019 - Early decision and scholarship priority.
  • Round 2: January 5, 2020 - General admission and priority scholarship deadline.
  • Round 3: March 1, 2020 - General admission and extended scholarship deadline.
  • Round 4: April 5, 2020 - Extended admission and scholarship deadline.

Why You Should Apply During Round 1

While you ultimately have until April 5, 2020 to submit your application, there are several benefits to working hard now to get your application to our MBA program in early (i.e. by October 15, 2019):

1. Greater Opportunity for Admission

Since there are more available spots in the first round of application than any other round, your chances of getting accepted are the highest during this time. Get motivated to get your application done and send it in while there’s less competition!

2. Scholarship Opportunities

When you apply early, you’ll be given priority consideration for scholarships. Almost all of our full-time MBA students receive some form of scholarship, and more than half of these students receive full tuition awards. We offer a variety of scholarship awards, including Dean’s Scholarships and Neeley Scholarships.

3. Application Fee is Waived

Save money when you apply by the early decision Round 1 deadline. Get your application in by October 15, 2019 and the $100 application fee is waived. You’ll get rewarded for making your application a priority.

4. Receive Your Admission Decision Earlier

With decisions being mailed by December 15, 2019 (or sooner) for early applicants, you’ll be able to make your MBA program decision by the end of the year. Enter 2020 with this important, life-changing decision made and you’ll be able to make your resolutions and create goals for the year that involve taking steps to prepare for the program.

5. More Time to Prepare for Your MBA

You’ll have more time to prepare for things like relocating and putting your career on hold for the full-time MBA program. For evening MBA program candidates, you’ll have more time to figure out how to balance work, school and other personal responsibilities. Having the luxury of this extra time will set you up for success and have you entering the program in the fall with more confidence and peace of mind.

We hope we’ve convinced you that it’s worth your while to apply early. However, if you’re just not going to be ready to apply in time for Round 1, don’t be afraid of missing out – there are still scholarships available for those who apply in later rounds.

The last thing we want is for you to rush to get your application in early and sacrifice its quality. If you can’t get it to where it needs to be by Round 1, please take your time and submit an application that will give you the best chance possible to be accepted into the program. Refer to our step-by-step MBA application timeline for specific guidance to keep you on track with the application process.

Contact us today to learn more about TCU Neeley MBA programs and to find out how to get started on the application process.

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