How an MBA Can Help Make You a Well-rounded Business Owner


Many small business owners, after getting off to a great start and reaching a certain level of success with their businesses, get to a point where they get stuck. They often struggle with how to handle expansion and many other complex aspects of running a business.

Having a solid business background can give business owners the skills and knowledge needed to tackle these challenges with confidence and in a way that will best serve their needs.

If you want to take your business to the next level, or start a business with a significant edge over many other business owners, earning an MBA will help you reach your goals.

Reasons an MBA is Beneficial for Business Owners

Getting an MBA will help accelerate your career and make you a more well-rounded business owner for various reasons.

1. Leadership Skills

Whether it’s managing employees, handling tough situations, or just leading by example, an MBA can help you learn best practices for handling all the challenges that might come your way. You’ll also learn how to successfully lead your team to meet and exceed all of your goals in a positive environment.

2. Expand Your Industry Knowledge

Having an expanded knowledge of your industry, as well as those industries that affect your industry either directly or indirectly, can help you in your own endeavors. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of complex business issues and tools from a faculty rated No. 1 in the world by The Economist. Beyond the classroom, you’ll gain additional perspective through opportunities such as:  

  • Global Experience Programs that transcend the typical study-abroad experiences. Our MBA students have unique access to execs and experiences that provide valuable insight into global business operations and important business trends.
  • Access to industry experts through a range of speakers series, symposiums and panel events that give you access to executive-level insights on current issues, trends and more. You will frequently have opportunity for Q&A time with these execs, or to perhaps join a small group for dinner through our C-Level Confidential series.

3. Decrease Risk

Risk management is a crucial part of owning a business and, therefore, an important part of our MBA program. Through coursework and hands-on activities, students learn how to mitigate risks for their own businesses.

At TCU Neeley, our MBA programs are built with experiential learning as the cornerstone. Here are just a few of the ways that our students test their new skill sets and gain valuable experience and grow their business acumen:

  • Neeley & Associates Consulting Program through which our MBAs tackle complex business issues for paying corporate clients who expect — and receive — results that impact the bottom line.
  • Corporate Sponsored Case Competitions held on campus and around the nation through which our MBA students test their skills.

4. Increase Confidence

An MBA can help make business owners more confident in the decisions they’re making on a daily basis. This confidence can be formed through a variety of ways, including class presentations, case competitions and networking events where you can improve your interpersonal skills and learn how to better present your business to those who aren’t familiar with it. This added confidence also comes from knowing that you have the right education background to confidently run and grow your business.

Depending on your schedule and commitments, you may choose to go the full-time MBA route or enroll in an evening MBA program. There are plenty of flexible options, making it possible to continue running your business while learning (and simultaneously applying) business tools and strategies that will greatly benefit your business.

Are you looking to become a part of the TCU family and pursue your MBA degree? Contact us today to find out more about our program and get started on the application process.

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