Top Success Tips for MBA Students from Alumni


Whether you’re a prospective or current TCU Neeley MBA student, you’ll want to bookmark this blog post. We’ve compiled advice from previous alumni feature blogs all in one place, giving you easy access to an array of tips that will help you achieve success as you go through your MBA journey.

Top Tips for MBA Students from TCU Neeley Alumni

You’ll find the following tips provided by our alumni to be extremely helpful and practical. Follow this trusted advice and you’ll be well equipped to reach both your professional and personal goals.

1. Define Your MBA Purpose

Alumni recommend defining your purpose for achieving your MBA before beginning a program. Make sure that your goals are aligned with the program you choose and the time in your life when you choose to pursue your MBA.

  • “I would caution others that pursuing an MBA requires significant investment and needs to be completed at the right point in your life. It only lasts 2 years, during which time you need to not only complete the hours to graduate, but also have an idea of your end goal. Visualize the career you want, identify the gaps in your current skill set, and begin developing a plan early. Once classes begin, it is easy to lose sight of the reason you came, which was to get a new job.” - Matt McDonald ‘16
  • “Make a list of what you would like to accomplish by the time you complete your MBA. Are you trying to transition your skills to a new function or industry? Are you trying to grow into a leadership position within your current function or industry?” - Tracey Smith ‘06
  • “Work with your Neeley advisors to determine how you can customize your MBA curriculum and best align it with your goals.” - Tracey Smith ‘06 

2. Get Involved

As with anything in life, the more you get involved and put into your MBA program, the more you’ll get out of it.

  • “Come in with an open mind and get involved in all the program has to offer. This means signing up for case competitions, consulting with companies, going to C-Level Confidentials, traveling abroad and putting yourself out there. You will not regret taking full advantage of everything the TCU MBA has to offer.” - Dustin Schelle ‘14
  • “Start the program with a fresh and clean mind and be ready to soak it all in." - Annie Agarwal ‘15
  • “Take full advantage of every opportunity to get involved with projects that allow you to work with actual companies on real-world business problems. These experiences are invaluable.” - Tracey Smith ‘06

3. Learn to Work as a Team

There is a lot of value in working alongside your fellow classmates throughout your MBA program.

  • “Learn to work effectively as team members, drawing strength from your peers while giving them support in return." - Roberto Prudencio ‘17
  • “Neeley is your safe space to collaborate, incubate, innovate, generate ideas and tap the collective intelligence of your classmates and your professors.” - Annie Agarwal ‘15

4. Plan Ahead for Your Post-MBA Career

Network as much as you can, as early as possible. The relationships you create during your MBA will likely influence your post-MBA career path. 

  • “Network as much as you can… You never know who you will meet, or what valuable relationships you might form.” - Justin Hernandez PMBA ‘09

5. Look for Internships Early 

Internships often lead to job opportunities, and even when they don’t, they always provide invaluable experience, increase your skills and expand your network.

  • “I recommend looking for internships early and even before classes begin, as the best opportunities have strong competition and will fill up quickly. The internship could lead to a full-time offer or fill an experience gap in your resume that will help during applications for that perfect job.” - Matt McDonald ‘16

If you’re considering an MBA, take the plunge and apply to TCU Neeley. As Grant Moise, ’04 alum, advises, “If you are looking for a school that is personal, challenging and supportive, apply. You won’t regret it.” Contact us today to find out more about our program and to start the application process. 

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