How a TCU MBA Helps Develop Leadership Skills


A leader is exemplified by a variety of skills, but at TCU Neeley MBA, we believe leaders need four specific skills to be successful: problem-solving, teamwork, breadth of knowledge and time management.

Learn how our various experiential learning activities and coursework can significantly improve these skills, making you a strong leader who is creative, builds rapport and gets results. 

4 Top Leadership Skills Developed in Our MBA Programs 

Whether you’re one of our current MBA students or are a prospective TCU student, knowing the different leadership skills and qualities that will be developed and enhanced throughout our program will get you excited about the journey ahead, no matter where you are currently. 

1. Problem-solving

Because we believe the best way to problem-solve is to put yourself into real-world situations with challenges you may face during your career, TCU Neeley MBA offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities that can elevate your skills.

One example of this is TCU MBA’s integrative project. During this project, you will complete a week-long business simulation that challenges you on everything you’ve learned in the first semester. You and your team must be ready to convince a panel of business professors that your solution is the best way to handle the situation against others’ solutions. Also on hand to hear your ideas are alumni -- who are potential employers -- from across companies and industries.

2. Teamwork 

In order to be successful, you have to learn to be willing to hear the ideas of others. Not every idea will be yours, and you need to take criticism in stride. This is why, in all of our experiential learning activities, you’ll be paired with a team so you will have plenty of opportunities to develop these skills.

Even in class, group studying and collaboration is highly encouraged. You will be challenged through our comprehensive and demanding coursework, and getting through it alone is incredibly tough. It will be necessary to work with others to excel not only in our program, but in the real world.

3. Breadth of Knowledge

Through TCU’s enrichment modules, students in our MBA program receive an education that provides a breadth of knowledge that makes them qualified to work in any field. From modules in marketing to finance and even supply-chain management, you will be well-versed in a wide array of topics.

With the comprehensive understanding of subject matter you’ll obtain in our program, you will be able to lead any team with confidence. And your breadth of knowledge will enable you to view situations through various perspectives, understand a variety of areas and integrate them to innovate.

4. Time Management 

Our program boasts an exceptional faculty with a great deal of real-world experience. They will throw challenging work at you in order to best prepare you for life in corporate America. The level of difficulty of our coursework, coupled with a full course load, will necessitate good time-management skills. 

For students in the evening program, time management becomes even harder as they have to simultaneously balance full-time jobs and school.

Having great time management is a critical leadership skill because it forces you to be organized and develop a plan for whatever team you are leading. You will be able to keep your team on a tight schedule and learn to improvise and overcome when tasks on a project are not going according to plan.

If you’re a prospective TCU Neeley MBA student who’s excited to get started and develop these essential leadership skills, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us today to find out more about our program and to start the application process.

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