TCU Accounting Grads Rank First in Texas for CPA Exam Pass Rate

Halfway through the 2016-17 school year, TCU Neeley is in first place among Texas accounting BBA and master’s graduates taking and passing the CPA exam.  

February 06,  2017

By Elaine Cole

Getting that impressive CPA designation after you graduate with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting isn’t easy. Nationally only 50 percent of all test takers pass the Uniform CPA Exam.  

But nearly 70 percent of TCU accounting grads who took one or more sections of the test since July 2016 have passed it, making TCU Neeley No. 1 in Texas for the first part of the 2016-17 school year.

July-December 2016 Texas CPA Test Data

1. TCU 69.29%
2. Baylor 69.20%
3. Texas 68.84%
4. SMU 59.25%
5. A&M 56.04%
6. ACU 54.39%
7. UTD 47.56%
8. UNT 46.50%
9. UTA 45.24%

For the entire 2015-16 school year, TCU Neeley came in third.

2015-16 CPA Test Overall

1. UT 76.18%
2. A&M 73.03%
3. TCU 70.05%
4. Baylor 65.54%
5. SMU 64.26%
6. UTA 53.59%
7. UTD 50.46%
8. UNT 49.75%
9. ACU 49.38%

There are four parts to the CPA Exam: Financial, Auditing, Regulation and Business.

TCU Neeley does not have a CPA exam prep class as part of the curriculum, making TCU students’ success even more impressive.

“Our students’ success in consistently passing the CPA exam is a testament to the quality education they receive at TCU Neeley,” said Dr. Mary Stanford, chair of the TCU accounting department, said.

TCU Neeley has ranked in the top five for students passing the CPA exam since 2008.