FASB and GASB Hire a Record Three TCU MAc Students

Out of accounting students from across the country, three TCU Neeley Master of Accounting students were selected to the prestigious positions of postgraduate technical assistants.

March 22,  2017

By Elaine Cole

As accounting students from across the country vied for less than two dozen spots with the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, three TCU MAc students made the cut.

Francesca Roberts, Jared Cline and Laura Beth Harville were selected out of thousands of candidates to be postgraduate technical assistants with the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.

They passed all the criteria to be considered – outstanding academics, strong communication, critical thinking, demonstrated leadership – and were nominated by the accounting department. Each received an invitation to an interview, followed by a job offer.

“It’s rare to have even one student get an interview, so to have three out of three nominated students hired in a single year is a tribute to just how good these students are,” said Ray Pfeiffer, associate dean of undergraduate programs. TCU Neeley had one student land the position in 2009 and two in 2011.

As postgraduate technical assistants, Francesca, Jared and Laura Beth will be highly involved with the accounting standards-setting process and the roles played by preparers, auditors and users of financial information.

“I applied to be a FASB PTA because I want to better understand the ‘why’ behind accounting,” Francesca said. “Dr. Pfeiffer talked about how much he enjoyed his experience at the FASB and it inspired me to follow in his footsteps. I am honored to represent TCU and excited to be at the center of the standard-setting process.”

Jared said he is looking forward to “working with a group of smart and motivated people, many of whom are my age, to work on projects that have a far-reaching impact across the business environment of the United States.”

Laura Beth said it is “an exciting opportunity to learn more about the standard-setting process and how it impacts state and local entities. I'm looking forward to working on interesting projects to improve accounting standards.”

“This is a great achievement for Francesca, Jared, Laura Beth and the TCU accounting department,” Pfeiffer said. “It reflects the quality of the students and the dedication of the faculty and staff who helped them develop such high credentials.”