BBA Awards

TCU Neeley Students Honored for Outstanding Achievements

Congratulations to our exceptional business students who were honored for superior academics and leadership accomplishments.

May 10,  2018

By Elaine Cole

At the 37th annual Neeley Awards Banquet, O. Homer Erekson, the John V. Roach Dean of the Neeley School of Business, welcomed the crowd. Student Kamryn Schropp provided the invocation and Michael Drake presented the reflections. Awards were handed out to the following students:


  • Marisa Helf – Senior Scholar for academic excellence
  • Hayden Mahaney – Junior Accounting Award for academic excellence
  • Ben Hopper – Geraldine Dominiak Memorial Award for Excellence for an outstanding scholar who recognizes Emily Davis as his faculty mentor
  • Demi Fritz – Henry Key Award for outstanding service
  • Megan Gallagher - Weaver Excellence in Accounting Award for academic excellene and depth of character
  • Stacia Powell – Texas Society of CPAs Accounting Excellence Award for academic excellence and career prospects, Master of Accounting
  • Meg Morgan – Federation of Schools of Accountancy for academic excellence and high potential, Master of Accounting
  • Miles Goodman – Texas Society of CPAs Accounting Education Foundation Scholarship


  • Jacob Choulet and Ben Sensenich – Senior Scholars for academic excellence
  • Mary Grekstas and Timothy Swan – Finance High Achievement Awards
  • Andrew Bourdon – Lockheed Martin TCU FMA Award for scholarship and commitment
  • Ly Pham – Wall Street Journal Award for uncommon aptitude in investments
  • Jason Cline – Outstanding Educational Investment Fund Student
  • Colin Buckley and Bianca Hursh – Meredith Fraker Thompson Memorial Scholarship in Finance as juniors with excellent academics and internships
  • Silvio Piccini, Brooks Thomas, Griffin Whiting – LKCM Center for Financial Studies Scholars as juniors with exemplary academics, community service and character
  • Jose Jimenez Pineda – TCU Real Estate Club Award for scholarship, leadership and dedication
  • Dominic Micheli – Fort Worth Mortgage Bankers Association Nola Crow Memorial Scholarship for outstanding junior interested in real estate
  • Jamie Hudson – David B. Hendricks II Memorial Scholarship for outstanding finance with real estate majors

Business Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

  • Kevin Dawson – Senior Scholar for highest GPA
  • Brandon Webb – Business Information Systems Professors’ Award for achievement and leadership
  • Heidi Nguyen – BIS Technology Award for outstanding knowledge of application tools and techniques
  • Addie Bien – Supply and Value Chain Professors’ Award for achievement, leadership and involvement
  • Mark Alar – Supply Chain Excellence in Academic Scholarship
  • Carly Boobar —Center for Supply Chain Innovation Outstanding Student for leadership and professionalism
  • Mark Alar, Laurel Buck, Chloe Glass, Lauren Hozdic – Fort Worth Institute for Supply Chain Management Scholarships
  • Connor Dobbs, Sean Dowd, Katherine Drake, Alexandra Peters, Madison Taylor – Supply and Value Chain Student Executive Program

Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership

  • Michael Drake – Senior Scholar for highest GPA
  • Brooke Arnold, Rachel Manning, Milenna Riquelme Boettner – Snell Leadership in Social Entrepreneurship Award for leadership and commitment to responsible citizenship
  • Paniyn Blanton and Benjamin Kuhn– Seth Hall Emerging Entrepreneur Award for being a successful student entrepreneur
  • Sarah Mitchell – John Davis Entrepreneurial Vision Award for significant career promise
  • Jensen Ditzler and David Murtaugh – Entrepreneurial Leadership Award
  • Kristen Cummins, Claire Gegenheimer, Lynsey Malin – Entrepreneurial Excellence in Management Award for excellence in academics and leadership


  • Kamryn Schropp – Senior Scholar for highest GPA
  • Kaity Butcher – Outstanding Marketing Student for high GPA and campus activity
  • Olivia Hartjen – Earl Dyess Award for strong work ethic and character
  • Sarah Nirschi – Advertising and Digital Marketing Award for excelling in advertising and digital marketing
  • Iona Kearney – American Marketing Association Leadership Award, for high GPA and leadership
  • Carlos Gastelum – Sales Award for interest and experience in sales
  • Denise Nguyen – International Marketing Scholar for interest and experience in global marketing
  • Catie Cruikshank – DSS Research Marketing Research Award for excellence in advertising and digital marketing

Special Recognition

Kamryn Schropp – Delta Sigma Pi Key Award for senior with the highest GPA in the Neeley School of Business 
Paul Freeman – Mosebrook/Pfizer Student Leader Award for school and community leadership
Hunter Pallasch, Lalita Sundarrajan, Demi Fritz, Sam Witherspoon, Ben Warren – First Place in the Grant Thornton Accounting Case Competition
Paul Freeman – First Place in the TCU Elevator Pitch Competition
Evan Sledge – First Place in the internal TCU Values and Ventures Competition
Eric Ngo, Jessica Olmedo, Sydney Schumacher, Payton Stanley, Jordan Wellman – Neeley Heritage Scholarship Awards

Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society

Luke Beasley Junior Deery Brooks Senior Drew Atkins Masters
Jacqueline Bieter Junior Camila Bueso Senior Everett Betts Masters
Laurel Buck Junior Jason Cline Senior Thomas Caldwell Masters
Sean Connors Junior Catherine Cruikshank Senior Brandon Curry Masters
Kevin Dawson Junior Michael Drake Senior Brent Wilson Fescenmeyer Masters
Matthew Dunn Junior Demi Fritz Senior Richard Jon Gulbransen Masters
Kelsey Gardiner Junior Elexus Graves Senior Pierfrancesco Janes Masters
Victoria Guvenc Junior Hayley Greenspan Senior Connie Lamirand Masters
Sarah Joe Junior Patricia Gregory Senior William Blair McGee Masters
Catherine Khorram Junior Mary Grekstas Senior Michael David Olson Masters
Jane Lynch Junior Robert Guy Senior Stacia Powell Masters
Hayden Mahaney Junior Olivia Hartjen Senior Paige Jordan Sabo Masters
John May Junior Jonas Heering Senior Elizabeth Ann Wallace Masters
Eleni Michaelides Junior William Mahaffy Senior William Christian Yount Masters
Dominic Micheli Junior Katie Myers Senior    
Haley Nagel Junior Stephen (Alex) Roberts Senior    
Mai Ngo Junior Janvier Rutsobe Senior    
Ngoc Nguyen Junior Kamryn Schropp Senior    
Emily Nicholson Junior Sarah Setlak Senior    
Kelli Pedersen Junior        
Sydney Schumacher Junior        
Brooks Thomas Junior        
Elizabeth Turner Junior        
Courtney Tushaus Junior        
Bailey Warren Junior        
Janie MacKenzie Warren Junior        
Griffin Whiting Junior        

Neeley Fellows 2017 Graduates

Brooke Arnold Steven Hood
Brooke Barlock Alex Kostel
Carly Boobar Lynsey Malin
Patrick Borer Catherine McSweeney
Shane Brundy Katie Myers
Kaity Butcher John Michael Neubert
Jacob Choulet Denise Nguyen
Jason Cline Bo Prock
Mary D'Alise Peyton Purcell
Dylan Dotter Madison Roberts
Michael Drake Cole Sanford
Demi Fritz Kamryn Schropp
Mary Grekstas Ben Sensenich
Olivia Hartjen Pierce Stonesifer
Joe Hartshorn Madison Stottle
Hayley Henley Hudson Trent


BNSF Neeley Leadership Program 2017 Graduates

Jose Barron Nguyen Le
Jack Beardslee Rachel Manning
Addie Bien Emily McIntyre
Deery Brooks Emma Mikulecky
Blake Brumley Adriana Munguia
Blake Crowley David Murtaugh
Catie Cruikshank Gabby Nguyen
Jack Fosse Heidi Nguyen
J.R. Fredstrom Toni Pepper
Janie Fuller Alex Peters
Milia Gibbel Abby Quinn
Mackenzie Hall Raymond Shideler
Lauren Hill Zach Singer
Sam Katigan Danielle Spears
Kendal Krawl Cora Watanabe
Adam Lawhorn  


Business Clubs and Organizations Presidents (through Fall 2016)
Iona Kearney, American Marketing Association 
Catherine Khorram, BNSF Neeley Leadership Program
Dani Robertson, Delta Sigma Pi
Jensen Ditzler, Entrepreneurship Club at TCU
Haley Nagel, Financial Management Association
Dominic Micheli, Neeley Fellows
Hunter Stevens, TCU Consulting Club
Lauren Dannemiller and Jose Jimenez Pineda, TCU Real Estate Club
Sarah Setlak, Women’s Business Network 

View and download photos from the 2018 Neeley Awards Banquet on our Flickr page.