Summer Camp for Wall Street Wannabees

You’ve heard of summer camps for band, cheer and sports. But investing? The TCU High School Investor Challenge is a very unique camp for an elite group of high school seniors.  

June 26,  2018

By Elaine Cole

For one week every summer, the TCU High School Investor Challenge brings together high school students to learn accounting, market value, risk, return, diversification and stock analysis. They stay in dorms and study Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., in TCU classrooms in courses taught by college professors. 

And they enjoy it.  

Trey Mechaca applied because he is interested in business and portfolio management. 

“I like math and I’m pretty good at it,” said Menchaca, who is from Austin, Texas. 

As the week ended and the group prepared for their stock reports, Menchaca said he had learned a lot.

“It’s like going to college, the classes and stuff, the intensity. It’s very cool,” he said. 

Sean Payne from Keller, Texas, agreed. 

“It’s taxing. You’re definitely learning a lot in one week. I can definitely see the benefit from it,” he said.

Payne said his favorite class was accounting.

“I plan on being an accountant so I connected with that class,” he said. “Dr. Cobb was awesome.” 

The Luther King Capital Management Center for Financial Studies has offered the popular program for 15 years. The 2018 program grew to 49 students to accommodate demand, from all across Texas and as far away as California and Oregon.

Selected students attended daily classes for a week in June. Now they will manage a virtual $100,000 portfolio (each) for the next eight months, and then return to TCU in January for a banquet and to present their results to their fellow students, family and professors.

Davis Dillenberg of Palos Verdes Estates, California, said he liked learning how to preform ratio analysis. 

“We learned how to find the fair market value to decide whether or not we should invest, whether a stock is priced properly. I liked that,” he said. 

To be eligible for the TCU High School Investor Challenge, students must be entering their senior year of high school, have evidence of high academic achievement and an aptitude in math, and plan to attend college. 

“We are looking for students who have demonstrated scholastic achievement, leadership qualities and an interest in investing in the stock market,” said Barbara Wood, associate professor of financial practice and director of the TCU High School investor Challenge. 

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