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Neeley Fellows Celebrate a Decade of Accomplishments

It has been a remarkable 10 years since the first Neeley Fellows class graduated and paved a high-caliber path for others to follow.

April 11,  2018

By Elaine Cole

The Champions Club at Amon Carter Stadium was full of energy, excitement and enthusiasm as 10 years’ worth of Neeley Fellows gathered to celebrate the past and future of the program.

Catherine McSweeney, Class of 2018, thanked the Class of 2009 and all the prior classes for establishing the strong reputation of Neeley Fellows. 

Ten years of students have left their mark on the program. Most of them stay connected to help others in the program with advice, opportunities and contributions.  

“We have 288 Neeley Fellows alumni who are changing the world, and they have certainly changed Neeley and TCU,” said Meg Lehman, program director of Neeley Fellows. 

More than 100 attended the Neeley Fellows 10-Year Celebration, which included class reunions, a Horned Frogs baseball game, a special toast with Chancellor and Mrs. Boschini at Minor House, the TCU Chancellor’s residence, and a celebration at the Champions Club. 

“The Fellows reunion highlighted the best aspect of the program in my opinion: the network created with other Neeley Fellows,” said Erik Yohe ’09, SVP of corporate development at Hilltop Holdings. “I enjoyed catching up with classmates and hearing about how much they have already accomplished in their careers. It was also great to see how many Fellows help other Fellows after graduation with business opportunities, job openings and more.”

Rob Rhodes, who has taught in the Neeley Fellows program since its inception, had great things to tell the crowd at the celebration. 

“What I love about teaching in the Fellows program is that it allows me to teach in the way I always thought teaching would be,” Rhodes said. “Fellows students are fully committed to being great students. They come to class well prepared, they are thirsty for knowledge, and they are completely engaged in the class. They all are committed to striving for and achieving excellence.  What more could a faculty member possibility want?”

Rick Settle BBA ’13, who chaired the celebration event, said he was impressed by the program’s momentum. “I’m a big believer of momentum. I came to TCU when athletics were just getting that momentum, so to also be a part of one of the first groups in Neeley Fellows and see how it is growing is very inspiring,” he said. 

Bill Moncrief, professor of international marketing and academic director for Neeley Fellows, told those first few classes that they would be trailblazers. 

“I predicted that within five years the business world would recognize the strength of Neeley Fellows graduating from the program,” Moncrief said. “That forecast has come true. The reputation of Neeley Fellows is strong. Organizations are recruiting on campus today that didn’t consider TCU in the past, and they are hiring not just Neeley Fellows but other Neeley students, as well.”

Jodi Settle Dyer BBA ’10 was in the second cohort and said that Neeley Fellows provided exactly what she was looking for when she chose to come to TCU. 

“Everything that I hoped TCU would provide for me – a personalized approach and high academics –came to life in Neeley Fellows,” she said of her experience. “At the 10-year celebration it was gratifying to see what it has turned into: a powerful brand.” 

Parker Levy BBA ‘15, business program manager at Microsoft, said that Neeley Fellows taught him skills that have helped both his career and personal life. 

“The one lesson that really sticks out to me is how to manage a room, whether that be in a work setting or outside of it,” Parker said. “We all know that relationships are key. Knowing how to talk with your boss or CEO is just as important as knowing how to talk to someone you meet at a restaurant. While those conversations look very different, it’s important to have the emotional intelligence and awareness to manage and maneuver those conversations effectively and appropriately.”

If people are the most important part of any education, Neeley Fellows certainly prove that with their successes, accomplishments and connections to TCU Neeley, now and in the future. 

Neeley Fellows: 10 Years of Excellence


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Some hiring companies include: Starbucks, Dropbox, Nike, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Bain, Davita, Deloitte, Alvarez & Marshal, Procter & Gamble and Dannon, plus banks, accounting firms and advertising agencies across the country.


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