Sales and Customer Insights Center Opens at TCU Neeley School of Business

The center is uniquely dedicated to both the sales and customer aspects of marketing, to help businesses and students better understand and leverage the synergies in the buyer-seller relationship. 

May 01,  2018

By Elaine Cole

The new Sales and Customer Insights Center at the TCU Neeley School of Business will help businesses develop, grow and manage the buyer-seller relationship, which is vital to the success of any organization. The center will connect TCU Neeley’s marketing experts with the business community for the latest research, offer opportunities for collaboration, and provide avenues for students to gain hands-on experience. 

“The Sales and Customer Insights Center will help businesses and our students understand the important interplay and dynamics between the selling organization and the customer,” said O. Homer Erekson, the John V. Roach Dean of the TCU Neeley School of Business. “To our knowledge, this will be the first center dedicated to both the sales and customer aspects of marketing. That gives both our business partners and our students an additional edge in today’s competitive marketplace.”

The center’s purpose is to increase research collaboration, encourage involvement between faculty and the DFW business community, and strengthen student learning through hands-on activities. 

Minakshi Trivedi, professor and chair of the TCU Neeley Department of Marketing, will provide academic support for the center. Trivedi brings experience from her previous leadership role with the Center for Relationship Marketing at the University at Buffalo. 

Zachary Hall, assistant professor of marketing, will serve as director of operations. Hall is an award-winning researcher in marketing strategy focusing on social perception and salesforce management. 

Through the Sales and Customer Insights Center, TCU Neeley marketing professors will provide leading-edge research on selling processes, sales techniques, salesforce management, influence and motivation, plus customer relationship management, customer analytics, consumer behavior, customer lifetime value, and targeting and retention. 

“Our expertise covers a range of sales and customer insights topics, due in large degree from our partnerships with companies to solve their relevant business challenges, which then becomes the basis for premium academic research and active classroom involvement,” Trivedi said.

To date, TCU Neeley’s marketing department has published more than 200 research articles on sales and customer insights. Honors include two Lifetime Achievement Awards in Sales and Sales Management and one Lifetime Achievement Award in Marketing Research, all from the American Marketing Association. 

“By giving TCU Neeley marketing professors an avenue to share our research with more businesses, the Sales and Customer Insights Center will deliver a deeper understanding of the customer and the salesperson to further enhance our research, students’ education, and our business partners’ ultimate success,” Hall said.   

The center will bring the DFW business community onto campus and into the classroom, as well as provide opportunities for students and faculty to go to area businesses to help improve business practices, address pressing problems and facilitate recruitment of top student talent.

Students will acquire selling skills by participating in real-world selling, quotas and performance targets, and acquire customer insights by analyzing CRM systems, monitoring consumer touchpoints and helping redesign customer experiences.

“Students involved in the center will be better equipped to enter the business world ready for impact,” Trivedi said. “They will have practiced skills in selling, salesforce management, customer insights and customer management in both B2B and B2C domains.”

For more information about TCU Neeley’s Sales and Customer Insights Center, contact Dr. Minakshi Trivedi or Dr. Zachary Hall at