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Susan Sledge Named Director of BNSF Neeley Leadership Program

Sledge, previously employer relations and career advisor in the Alcon Career Center, will lead the three-year transformational leadership development program for select business students.

March 05,  2018

By Elaine Cole

Susan Sledge moves from career services to direct the BNSF Neeley Leadership program as it celebrates its 10th graduating class in fall 2018. 

BNSF Neeley Leadership is a unique three-year undergraduate leadership development program that empowers students to transform into leaders in business and beyond through focused coursework, self-reflection, leadership coaching, experiential learning and team collaboration. 

Sledge joined TCU in 2011 as employer development manager in the University Career Center, and moved to the Alcon Career Center located in the Neeley School in 2014. She previously had a curriculum consultancy for retreat centers and K-12 private schools, and owned an air filter manufacturing business after working as an environmental consultant for DuPont and Waste Management. She holds a BBA from Texas A&M University and is graduating with a MLA from TCU in May.