Jose and Olivia

TCU Neeley Seniors Featured in Poets & Quants´ Best and Brightest Business Students 2018

Olivia Hartjen and Jose Barron are featured in an exclusive list that honors 100 of the most accomplished seniors majoring in business in the United States.

April 04,  2018

By Elaine Cole

Out of thousands of business students across the country, only 100 made the cut of Best and Brightest in Poets&Quants for Undergrads’ 2018 feature. Olivia Hartjen and Jose Barron represent TCU Neeley well. 

“These students personify the best qualities of their school and business in general,” said Jeff Schmitt, Poets&Quants’ senior writer. “They are standard bearers who made the most of their time in business school. In the process, they made the people around them better too.”

Olivia and Jose are featured in profiles that cover topics such as their extracurricular activities and awards, proudest achievements and favorite classmates. 

Jose, who is graduating to a career at Goldman Sachs, said that what surprised him most about majoring in business is that it’s not always about working with numbers and strategies for a company. “People are what drive a business to be successful. Prior to coming to TCU Neeley, I hadn’t realized how much team experiences mattered and the importance of being able to work well with others,” he said. 

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Olivia, who will study law after graduating, said that the biggest lesson she learned studying business is that “businesses should be – and are – in business to do a lot more than make a profit. From social enterprises to community engagement programs, there are many businesses pioneering the idea of not only giving back to the community, but being a healthy member of it,” she said. 

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To compile this year’s Best & Brightest students, Poets&Quants reached out to 55 leading business schools, including the TCU Neeley School of Business. Each chosen school in turn chose two representatives based on academic excellence, leadership ability and overall impact on the program.