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TCU Supply Chain Graduate Students Win First Place at National Competition

They brought the heat. The TCU team won in a competition among graduate students from 15 universities.

February 07,  2018

By Elaine Cole

As the field of supply chain gains power and importance in today’s global economy, graduate students at TCU Neeley and across the country are choosing supply chain paths. TCU Neeley’s Center for Supply Chain Innovation partnered with Lockheed Martin for an intense two-day competition to bring all those keen minds together and give them an opportunity to sharpen their skills in front of supply chain executives. 

More than 45 graduate students from 15 universities across the country came to TCU February 2-3 for the second annual MBA/MS Supply Chain Case Competition presented by the Center for Supply Chain Innovation. 

The teams received the case, put their heads together, came up with solutions, presented their answers and were judged by supply chain executives from major corporations. 

First place and $7,000 was awarded to the TCU Neeley team of Michael Schoenfelder, Brandon Journay, Zach Penny and Tony John. 

Second place and $5,000 was awarded to Brigham Young University Third place and $3,000 was awarded to Arizona State and fourth place and $1,500 was awarded to the University of Arkansas.

Corning Optical provided iPads and Neovia provided iPad cases and keyboards to first, second and third place. 

“The competition gave us the opportunity to pitch to aerospace and supply chain executives, consultants and experts, and receive honest feedback,” said TCU team member Brandon Journay. “That was even more valuable than the prize package, although we were pretty happy with cash and the iPads.”

“We were especially pleased with the quality of the schools and talent represented at this year’s competition,” said Morgan Swink, executive director of the Center for Supply Chain Innovation at TCU Neeley. “The students did a great job attacking a very complex case to develop innovative solutions in a short period of time.”

The competition was sponsored by Lockheed Martin, exclusive principal sponsor. Other sponsors were the National Restaurant Association Supply Chain Executive Study Group, Corning Optical Communication, Neovia, SCM Globe, and Terso Solutions Inc.  

Participating schools were: Arizona State University, Brigham Young University, Georgia Tech, Indiana University, Iowa State University, Michigan State University, Texas Christian University, University of Arkansas, University of Colorado, University of Houston, University of Maryland, University of South Carolina, University of Texas at Dallas, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.