Lead On Neeley

Take the Lead On Business as a Force for Good

Garrett Adair and Nik Hall are ethical leaders who found a way to make business work for people.

February 16,  2018

By Elaine Cole

Many TCU Neeley students believe that the way to improve the future is through businesses that make life better. Rather than concentrating solely on what they can gain from the world with their business degrees, they look at the positive impacts they can make on the world. 

“Since I was 10 I looked at people in the world who are making the most impact, and there were all these entrepreneurs out there [saying] you’ve got to find the problem, you’ve got to find the solution, you’ve got to actually help people,” said Nik Hall ’16. 

Hall met Garrett Adair ’16 while they were students at TCU Neeley.

“The first conversation we had was about starting a business, and 20 ideas later the business that we are running today came around,” Adair recalled. 

The two entrepreneurial management majors founded Vitafive, a customized vitamin delivery service. They honed their business plan when they competed in the TCU Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures™ Competition, where they won $2500 as Honorable Mention out of 49 teams from universities around the world. 

They cite Brad Hancock and Michael Sherrod, the William M. Dickey Entrepreneur-in-Residence, as mentors who helped them along their entrepreneurial journey. 

“When starting a business you need a lot of motivation to get if off the ground,” Adair said. “They pushed me. That gave me a lot of confidence.”

Watch their story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=ZBGSVklGRkE.

For more information about TCU’s Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures Competition, including opportunities to support the program and/or volunteer as a judge April 6-7, 2018, go to www.neeley.tcu.edu/vandv.