Awards banquet

TCU Neeley Undergraduates Honored for Outstanding Achievements

Congratulations to our exceptional business students who were honored for superior academics and leadership accomplishments for 2019.

May 08,  2019

By Elaine Cole

At the 38th annual Neeley Awards Banquet, awards were handed out to exceptional undergraduate business students by O. Homer Erekson, the John V. Roach Dean of the Neeley School of Business. Dominic Micheli provided the invocation and Elizabeth Hilgemann presented the reflections.

Congratulations to these 2019 honorees:


  • Haley Nagel – Senior Accounting Scholar for academic excellence
  • Charles Yong – Junior Accounting Award for academic excellence
  • Taryn Atkinson – Geraldine Dominiak Memorial Award for Excellence for an outstanding scholar who recognized Dr. Stephen Lusch as her faculty mentor
  • Jack Spooner – Henry Key Award for outstanding service
  • Tatum Warren – Weaver Excellence in Accounting Award for academic excellence and depth of character
  • Summer Bednarz – Texas Society of CPAs Accounting Excellence Award for academic excellence and career prospects, Master of Accounting
  • Marisa Helf – Federation of Schools of Accountancy for academic excellence and high potential, Master of Accounting
  • Summer Bednarz, Marisa Helf, Tiffany Wong – Texas Society of CPAs Accounting Education Foundation Scholarship
  • Shaela Yeager – Admire Scholarship for academic success and commitment to community service


  • David Hansen and Dominic Micheli – Senior Finance Scholars for academic excellence
  • Danielle Dennis – Finance High Achievement Award
  • Sarah Klimovitz and Thomas Malaspina – Lockheed Martin TCU FMA Award for scholarship and commitment
  • Brooks Thomas – Wall Street Journal Award for uncommon aptitude in investments
  • James Griffin – Outstanding Educational Investment Fund Student
  • Zachary Hood and Conner Lovely – Meredith Fraker Thompson Memorial Scholarship in Finance as juniors with excellent academics and internships
  • Benjamin Fowler, Collin Pratt, Joyce Shen – LKCM Center for Financial Studies Scholars as juniors with exemplary academics, community service and character
  • Elliott Dow – TCU Real Estate Club Award for scholarship, leadership and dedication
  • Timothy Kent – Fort Worth Mortgage Bankers Association Nola Crow Memorial Scholarship for outstanding junior interested in real estate
  • Will Crummey and Kendall Graff – David B. Hendricks II Memorial Scholarship for outstanding finance with real estate majors

Business Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

  • Molly Hamel – Senior Scholar for highest GPA

Business Information Systems

  • Graham Leech – Professors’ Award for achievement and leadership
  • Nathan Walker – Technology Award for outstanding knowledge of application tools and techniques

Supply and Value Chain Management

  • Luke Thielke – Professors’ Award for achievement, leadership and involvement
  • Claire Nguyen – Excellence in Academic Scholarship
  • Anna McGraw – Center for Supply Chain Innovation Outstanding Student for leadership and professionalism
  • Faith Hevey, Neal Mathew, Abigail Sanchez, Hannah Sobczak, Leah Williams – Fort Worth Institute for Supply Chain Management Scholarships
  • Delaney Bare, Laurel Buck, Xuan Quach, Tyler Resnick, Cecilia Ryan – Supply and Value Chain Student Executive Program

Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership

  • Blake Bengtson – Senior MEL Scholar for highest GPA
  • Charles McKee – Snell Leadership in Social Entrepreneurship Award for leadership and commitment to responsible citizenship
  • Tailai Huang – Seth Hall Emerging Entrepreneur Award for being a successful student entrepreneur
  • Danielle Robertson – John Davis Entrepreneurial Vision Award for significant career promise
  • Devan Peplow – Entrepreneurial Leadership Award
  • Nathanial Wolszon – Entrepreneurial Excellence in Management Award for excellence in academics and leadership


  • Elizabeth Hilgemann – Senior Marketing Scholar for highest GPA
  • Sydney Schumacher – Outstanding Senior Marketing Student for high GPA and campus activity
  • Danielle Gutknecht – Earl Dyess Award for strong work ethic and character
  • Caroline Norton – Advertising and Digital Marketing Award for excelling in advertising and digital marketing
  • Eleni Michaelides – American Marketing Association Leadership Award for high GPA and leadership
  • Spencer Nast – Sales Award for interest and experience in sales
  • Mackenzie Warren – International Marketing Scholar for interest and experience in global marketing
  • Dana Field – DSS Research Marketing Research Award for excellence in marketing research

Special Recognition

  • Elizabeth Hilgemann – Delta Sigma Pi Key Award for senior with the highest GPA in the Neeley School of Business
  • Josie Fuhrman – Mosebrook/Pfizer Student Leader Award for school and community leadership
  • Meg Gleason – First Place in the TCU Elevator Pitch Competition
  • Devan Peplow, Mavis Tang, Maddie Kingsbury – First Place in the internal TCU Values and Ventures Competition

Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society

Erica Anderson
Dorothy Anderson
William Beasley
Madelyn Carlson
Andrea Carrasquilla
Reilly Cornell
Sarah Cullen
Ethan Epley
Natalie Fedder
Dana Field
Christian Flick
Connor Fragen
Skylar Frazier
Thomas Gilbert
Sarah Goldberg
Erin Heffernan
Sophia Hickok
Christian Holston
Conner Lovely
Duong Luong
Jessica Marcotuli
Katherine McDonald
Ansley McWilliams
Gabriela Melgar Suarez
Richard Neville
Joseph Redlingshafer
Michael Schoenfelder
Bryan Shaban
Ye Shen
Nathan Walker
Joshua Witczak

Neeley Fellows 2019 Graduates

Delaney Bare
Luke Beasley
Blake Bengtson
Thompson Berhow
James Butterfield
Race Collins
Sean Connors
Darby Duncan
Sydney Galloway
Grant Ginsburg
James Griffin
Victoria Guvenc
Elizabeth Hilgemann
Sarah Joe
Ryan Jones
Zach Kwiecien
Jane Lynch
Hayden Mahaney
Eleni Michaelides
Dominic Micheli
Haley Nagel
Claire Nguyen
Emily Nicholson
Kelli Pedersen
Morgan Pocock
Caleb Rogers
Noah Ryan
Sydney Schumacher
Grace Turner
Mackenzie Warren
Griffin Whiting
Sam Witherspoon

BNSF Neeley Leadership Program 2019 Graduates

Armaan Ahuja
Bowen Baily
Annie Beeson
Hannah Davidian
Annie Federer
Nicholas Guarino
Holly Hanson
Laura Holetz
Tailai Huang
Catherine Khorram
Nathan Lester
Jack Lyddon
Jack May
Craig Miller
Andy Mueller
Austin Ngo
Eric Ngo
Hally Osdick
Felipe Padilla
Devan Peplow
Elise Schraer
Joseph Spellmeyer 
Mavis Tang
Lindsey Thompson
Matt Thompson
Courtney Tushaus
Kristin Watanabe
Chandler Wehmeyer
Chandler Whittington
Nathan Wolszon

Business Clubs and Organizations Presidents 

Elizabeth Hilgemann, American Marketing Association 
Chris Crump, BNSF Neeley Leadership Program
Sloan Scharold, Delta Sigma Pi
Thinh Nguyen, Entrepreneurship Club at TCU
Sydney Phillips, Financial Management Association
Dalton Standish, Neeley Fellows
Cole Harris, TCU Consulting Club
Elliott Dow, TCU Real Estate Club
Andrea Graves, Women’s Business Network

View and download photos from the 2019 Neeley Awards Banquet on our Flickr page.